A woman’s revenge against her neighbor, who always parks cars in front of her door

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Revenge is a dish best served cold. And boy did he enjoy this woman after he held on long enough teach him a lesson to a neighbor who I parked many cars in front of his house.

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It cost her neighbors dearly, and surely they won’t make fun of her again in the future. The anonymous woman shared her story about her on Reddit and became viral on social media.

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Parking and problems with neighbors

The young woman said that although she has her own driveway, the neighbors they insisted on parking their nine cars in front of his house in the UK, he reflects The mirror.

And anyone who has experienced the challenges of street parking will understand the frustration that comes with this kind of situation.

“My neighbors have a total of nine cars parked on the street. And they always leave two of those vehicles in front of my house and they don’t move them all week“, he gets angry at the beginning of the story.

And he continues: “We have a regulation in the place where we live that indicates it you cannot leave your car parked for more than 48 hours in the same place“.

The conflict also lies in the fact that the driveway itself has room for four cars and is always clear.

“I’ve been told they don’t like leaving cars in the driveway because it feels sticky. More than half of the cars they own don’t even use them. They just use them as safe parking spaces for them,” he says indignantly.

construction and revenge

Very cunning and fed up with the situation, the resident took notice construction work on the back of your neighbor’s property.

It was then that the “light bulb went on” when he saw a chance to take revengereported on construction work.

“I submitted a ballot to my city government and notified them there may be some illegal residential building without permits“, he recounts the action he took, to attempt some kind of harm.

He did not follow up on the complaint, he thought it was unsuccessful and that was the end of the story. But, you know, sometimes bureaucracy can move much slower than expected.

And indeed this was the case, ever since his denunciation paid off only a year later.

“I noticed my neighbors tore down their second unit last week. Word got around our neighborhood that a city inspector was there to make sure everything was torn down,” she explains with a smile.

And according to the woman’s estimation, “the materials and labor they put into their second property it cost them more than $100,000 dollars“.

Comments on social networks

The story of the revenge against the neighbor went viral on the networks and comments and even other proposals for revenge of a different tone began to appear.

some have suggested cheaper ways to take revenge. “Every day they accidentally scatter bird seed around their parked cars,” one said. And another took the trouble to spell out the consequences: “pigeons and seagulls shit everywhere… and their poop is like acid that corrodes car paint”.

Another similar idea included planting trees around the offending parked cars.

“Give their cars some shade. Plant a couple of mulberries as close to the curb as possible. They grow fast and the berries make a real mess, not to mention the little birds who will come down to feed.”

Source: Clarin

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