Crisis in Peru: lawmakers file a motion to impeach Dina Boluarte

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The benches of various left-wing parties presented in the Peruvian Congress a motion to remove against the country’s president, Dina Boluarte, citing her “permanent moral incapacity” continue to lead the Head of State, in the context of protests calling for his resignation from office and the closure of Congress.

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The group of parliamentarians from the Perú Libre, Cambio Democrático and Perú Democrático parties justified their decision by indicating the president as responsible for the deaths produced in the context of the repression unleashed against the participants in the protests that are shaking the country.

This wave of demonstrations erupted on December 7, when Congress ousted Pedro Castillo, a few hours after he had announced the closure of the Legislature and the establishment of an emergency government with the suppression of constitutional guarantees, after several attempts by the Opposition blocks to remove him from office.

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“Our country is bled to death by the mismanagement of the government and the police forces led by Ms. Dina Boluarte, as to date 44 people have died due to the excessive use of weapons against the Peruvian people”, reads the motion presented in Parliament, according to the Peruvian newspaper La República.

“It is assumed that both Ms. Boluarte and none of her cabinet members are willing to resign, despite the fact that our people continue to be literally and nefariously slaughtered. There is no other term that could be used,” the text adds. . .

Motion for “vacancy”

The “vacant” motion. now it needs 66 votes to be admitted elaborate and then should get 87 votes for the exoneration of Boluarte to be performed, as happened on December 7 with Castillo.

Boluarte, in turn, ratified his proposal before the Organization of American States (OAS). bring forward the general election in your country, as a way out “peacefully” of the serious social crisis, which has already caused more than 60 deaths.

The protests that have reached Lima are still strong in the south of the country, where they started, and where Pedro Castillo has support.

Indeed, Boluarte has decided to send a military contingent in Puno.

The spirit of the local population, underlines the newspaper La República, has warmed up even more in the last few hours after Boluarte uttered a sentence -“Puno is not Peru”- considered offensive to the inhabitants of the border region with Bolivia.

The death

Peru has continued to add 63 deaths in the context of the protests after confirming this Wednesday the death of a child under the age of two of age in the southern region of Cusco, due to the roadblock affecting a section of the Panamericana Sur, the Andean country’s interior ministry reported on Thursday.

The portfolio detailed in a statement that the “lack of empathy and intransigence” of a group of protesters who blocked the vehicular passage for hours “caused the death of a 21 month old boywhen he was admitted to a health centre” to be treated for a stomach infection.

The child was traveling with his mother from the Lucre district, in the Cusco province of Quispicanchi, to the San Jerónimo health center, but they found the road blocked at the height of the Oropeza district, which made it impossible for the vehicle to pass . vehicle they were in.

“When they were finally able to resume their journey it was already too late, the young patient ended up losing his life before reaching his destination, where the doctors could do nothing but confirm his death”, adds the text.

Peru adds three deceased children in the context of the protests.

January 18th a pregnant teenager who was on his way to a health center in the La Libertad region lost her 28 weeks premature baby, as during the transfer he found a road blocked by protesters.

Faced with the situation, the deputy for children and adolescents from the ombudsman’s office, Matilde Cobeña, asked this Wednesday that “ambulances can passhealthcare personnel, and of people who relocate others who need to be assisted so that they do not lose their lives.

Of the 63 confirmed deaths to date in the Andean country, 46 are protesters who died during clashes with the police, a policeman who was burned alive and 16 people who lost their lives due to events related to the roadblock .

Source: Agencies


Source: Clarin

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