How Much Does a Latino Earn in the United States?

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Being an undocumented Latino immigrant in the United States means receiving lower average salaries than foreigners who have a residence permit.

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With which, it is always important to evaluate the real situation – with its advantages and disadvantages – before deciding to leave the country itself.

As stated in a note from the New York newspaper, according to a study by the Center for Migration Studies in New York Undocumented foreign workers, in addition to lower incomes, have more precarious working conditions.

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The example cited in that note: Immigrant construction workers who have a residence permit earn about $40,400 a year; while irregulars receive only $30,100 for the same period.

Additionally, they face more vulnerable conditions and lower overtime pay.

Salaries in the United States

It must also be taken into account that salaries have significant variations depending on each city or state.

On this point, the As website has published an analysis by the consulting firm Go Banking Rates which highlights the differences of some of the US cities with the largest Latino presence and the abundant job offer.

Some examples

-Chicago, Ill.

The median income is US$52,497 annually.

-Los Angeles California

Average salaries are approximately $54,501.

– San Francisco, Calif

Salaries for workers with an average qualification are approximately US$96,265.

– Miami, Florida

The median annual income is US$33,999.

An essential point to keep in mind is that the cities that offer the highest salaries also have a high cost of living.

Source: Clarin

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