Crisis in Peru: Dina Boluarte calls for presidential elections to be brought forward to 2023

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The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, has asked Congress to bring forward the elections to 2023 before serious crisis that the country is going through from december.

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“We have submitted this bill to ministers to bring forward the elections to December 2023,” Boluarte said during a government ceremony at Lima’s military airport.

Boluarte argued that “from the Executive” they had “proposed to bring forward these elections to April 2024 (…). However, protests continue, there are more blockades and violence“, He insisted.

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“If (the parties) Fuerza Popular and Alianza para el Progreso ask for what they had already presented (an electoral advance to 2023), that this proposal be resumed in that sense, which has no conditions and it will bring us out of the quagmire we are in“said the person who replaced Pedro Castillo, who was fired after attempting a coup.

Fujimori’s Fuerza Popular party proposed on Thursday that the lead-up to Peru’s general elections in April 2024 be changed to a date this year, a position that will be debated in Parliament.

In his speech, Boluarte recalled that “people say ‘early elections'”, for which, initially, his government had “proposed April 24 (20) as the date of the elections”, a project that was approved in the Congress of the first vote and must be ratified in the second.

“However, the protest marches continue, there are more lockdowns, there is more violence and, yes, we have discussed this with the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister and brought forward the bill (…) to December 2023 “explained the president.

Boluarte called on Parliament to respond to Fuerza Popular’s request and criticized that “if on the part of the radical left” they pose conditions such as including a consultation on a constituent assembly, they will give “one more justification to be able to radicalize and bloody for the country”.

“They are generating more crises and they are not thinking about this problem that these mobilizations are generating. Let them go ahead with the elections at the date and time that Congress says. Immediately, we will call those elections,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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