In which cities are the cheapest homes in the United States?

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Every year more people come to the United States of America with the plan to settle down to live and be able to develop in one of the most powerful countries in the world. However, not everyone has the same economic capacity to move to big cities, e.g New York or You love mebut they seek accommodation in cheaper cities.

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The states of Michigan Y Ohiolocated in the Midwest, they are the two that have the most cities with cheap real estate prices.

Warren, Ohio

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In this city the average home value is $66,000and the percentage of homes priced below $10,000 is 1.5%. It has a slightly larger population than 40,000 inhabitants.

Detroit, Michigan

The largest city in the state of Michigan also has one of the best home prices in the United States. The average home value is approx $52,700with a population of approx 640,000 inhabitants. Additionally, the median for homes priced below $10,000 is higher than Warren’s: 5.4%.

Saginaw, Michigan.

This is one of the most affordable cities in the US housing market. The median home price in Saginaw is close to $41,500, considerably cheaper than Detroit and Warren. The city has a population close to 200,000 and the percentage of homes where the resident is the owner is 55%, a high level compared to other cities.

flint, mich.

This is the city with the lowest real estate market values ​​in the United States. The average house price is close to $31,000and the percentage of homes with a value of less than $10,000 is 11.4%. However, Flint is listed as one of the cities more dangerous of the country, with high levels of insecurity.

Source: Clarin

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