Home World News The obligation to be a waitress that made people indignant: “The neckline is important, what is valued the most”

The obligation to be a waitress that made people indignant: “The neckline is important, what is valued the most”

The obligation to be a waitress that made people indignant: “The neckline is important, what is valued the most”

A WhatsApp chat that went viral has caused a strong reaction in Spain. The search for a waitressing job and the recruiter’s request to increase the chances of giving the job to a woman caused a lot of controversy on the networks.

This has been proven @I’m a waiter, a Twitter account that tells the reality of waiters in Spain and now shared the WhatsApp conversation between a candidate for a position asking for a requirement that caused outrage.

The candidate sent him a photo of himself to the person who was to hire her for the post and asked her if she had any other pictures, to which he refused.

The requirement

To his surprise, the recruiter sent him the following message: “It is important as I told you about the neckline, it is what is valued the most. If you have Instagram and would rather give it to me and show me what you want there. Curriculum?”, some words that outraged the candidate, who didn’t hesitate to answer: “Well, then nothing. I don’t think that to serve coffee I have to teach a lot. Greetings and good luck.”

Within hours, the WhatsApp conversation shared from the Twitter account @I’m a waiter As a complaint, it didn’t take long to go viral with almost half a million visits and reactions of all kinds from users: from those who shared similar experiences, to those who sent messages of support to the young woman.

Here are some of the comments written by those who reacted to the employer’s outrageous request:

* “It’s a shame how the hotel business works; Entrepreneurs complain about the lack of waiters but the reality is that it is a sector in which exploitation, low wages, illegal contracts, lack of rest and the low value attributed to the professional are the causes”.

* “The same thing happens with the makeup theme. Once they suggested that I paint myself to face the publicwhich is better. I told them that when my male companions were forced to wear paint, I would go too, otherwise I would go on the day I felt like it”.

* “Please expose who or which companies do these things. It’s incredible!”.

* “Luckily she ended up asking for her resume. She almost forgot… ”.

* “It also happens with other sectors, insurance and real estate, that the seller has a presence that attracts attention, they don’t say it but it affects hiring. The most beautiful sell more to men and the more beautiful sell more to women, these are statistics”.

* “If the most important thing to work as a waitress is the neckline, what will the waiters ask for? Pigeon breast and super package? Touch your feet!” were some of the most popular reactions.

The commotion caused by the conversation on WhatsApp was so great that the waitress concerned did not hesitate to thank her through social networks for all the support received:

“Thanks so much to all the people who have written to me showing their support, thanks to @I’m a waiter for making my case known. Thanks to him, many people have spoken to me and told me similar stories.”

The avant-garde

Source: Clarin


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