A girl who showed herself eating a great white shark is fined thousands of dollars

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The authorities of the Chinese province of Sichuan, in the south of the country, fined a Chinese food blogger 125,000 yuan for showing online how she cooked and ate a white shark, an endangered species that is protected.

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The social media influencer known as Tizi bought the shark for $1,140 in April last year, the Global Times reported, and shared several photos of it between May 29 and June 2. posing with the boiled animal.

On July 12, 2022, the woman uploaded a video of the hot shark to popular Kuaishou and Douyin local platforms, becoming a trend in the following days. Then he deleted the posts.

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Despite this, what has been done aroused the outrage of many netizens Chinese, who accused it of attracting visitors at the expense of illegal consumption of protected species.

Shortly thereafter, a maritime institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported that it was a great white shark, an endangered species.

Thus, this January the woman received an administrative fine of 19,000 dollars (125,000 yuyan of local currency) for violate the law for the protection of wildlife by a local supervisory body.

Also the seller of the shark, named Shen, and the one who caught him, Yan arrested by the Zhangzhou City Policein Fujian province in the east of the country, without further details being disclosed, adds the Global Times.

China presented a draft to revise its wildlife protection law on Jan. 4 and the amendments will be enacted on May 1 this year, according to the newspaper.

The amended law excludes penalties for violations such as hunting, trading and transporting foodstuffs of wild animals that grow and reproduce in the wild.

The police investigation came after web users pushed for an official investigation Dudes.

It is believed that Tizi ate a fish that once caught weighed 50 kilos.

Tizi denied he was eating an endangered species after some viewers noted that he looked like a great white shark.

In the latest controversial video, he ate a grilled shark tail covered in pepper while exclaiming: “It’s so delicious!”

In one corner of the video was a notification that the animal was “captive bred and is edible.” However, online people questioned the integrity of that warning label and which triggered a police investigation.

Source: Clarin

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