They are almost 30 years apart, have been dating for 6 months and are about to get married

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A couple who They confuse mother and son due to their 29-year age differences claims it was “love at first sight” and they got engaged just six months after meeting.

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Luke Ellis and Steff White, from near Sidmouth, Devon, they started chatting online last June and hit it off right away, but when they met in person two days later, they embraced and started dating.

The 25-year-old says he was drawn to 54-year-old Steff’s wholesome, no-nonsense and thoughtful personality, while his cheeky charm, old-fashioned values, and chivalrous nature made her heart race.

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The mother-of-four even admitted she thought she’d ‘hit the lottery’ when Luke went on their first date and proposed to her six months into their relationship.

The man fell so much in love that he asked her the key question on December 26 of last month, just six months after first noticing.

Despite having the support of family and friends, Luke says their relationship has met with a mixed reception, with strangers giving them puzzled looks in public and even they were asked “what the neighbors think”.

But the couple laughs off that negativity, as their love keeps getting “stronger and stronger” by the day, and they hope to tie the knot later this year. The couple hope that sharing their story will raise awareness of relationships between people of different ages. and clarifying misconceptions surrounding them, such as whether they come from sexual fads or fetishes.

Luke said: ‘We’re not just boyfriends, we’re soul mates and best friends. Some people get paranoid with age or whatever, but I haven’t seen his age. I just saw her personality, her heart and soul, and everything else about her. I fell in love with her for that. Everything about her is perfect.”

“My mom and Steff are the same age, except for a few months. Some people look at us and think, ‘Is this really a weird mother-son relationship?’ While it was never mentioned, no one hinted at it.

“We know some people have looked at us like, ‘This is very suspicious.’ It’s just because of facial expressions.

“Many people seem to think that an age-gap relationship has to do with a sexual obsession or a fetish, and it’s not just that. In our case, that’s not the case. It’s about love and affection and being together in marriage.”.

Source: Clarin

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