Jair Bolsonaro promises to stay active in Brazilian politics during an act in Florida

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The former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro On Tuesday evening he showed his intention to continue to be involved in his country’s politics, but from afar

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After asking the US authorities to extend his visa for another six months, the former president decided to launch an event in Orlando (Florida), where sowed doubts again on the results of the elections he lost to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in October.

“We cannot abandon politics,” the far-right former president said earlier around 400 followers. “I am 67 and intend to remain active in Brazilian politics,” he promised them.

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Bolsonaro has received the affection of his supporters in this act of tribute organized by Yes Brazil United States, an organization conservative of the Brazilian diaspora in the United States.

The location chosen, the ballroom of a restaurant located in a shopping centre, next to a bowling alley, turned into a party upon arrival.

“I’ve never been so popular. Last year was much better than 2018 (when he won the election),” said Bolsonaro, who covertly questioned the election result against leftist Lula.

“Many people still shocked for what happened in the election,” he added. “In the end, we are left with a question mark in the head. But we will face this moment and, God willing, together we will win.”

The far-right leader flew to Florida on December 30, two days before the end of his mandate, and did not attend Lula’s inauguration.

Condemns the events of 8 January

Nine days later, in Brasilia, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters, dissatisfied with his defeat in the October presidential elections, stormed the Presidential Palace of Planalto, Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Some acts that the former president condemned again this Tuesday: “I regret what some inconsistent people did on January 8. It is not our right, that is not our city“.

Far from these investigations and from a country that has said it misses him a lot, Bolsonaro understood a mass bath in Orlando.

His fans hugged him, snapped selfies with him, and cheered before the act began.

And then, sitting in an armchair on stage, he watched for an hour all kinds of taxes: a prayer in his name, two songs and several praise speeches on his management at the helm of Brazil.

When he finally spoke, the room stood up and he roared with joy.

Among those Bolsonaro faithful, people of all ages, was Daniela Estebes.

This 46-year-old lawyer, a Brazilian living in Florida, didn’t want to miss out on the deed a man you admire.

“He is undoubtedly one of the best presidents we have had in Brazil,” he enthused before the event.

Next to her, in a long waiting line where many wore the colors of the Brazilian flag, Ross Caviccioli lamented Lula’s victory.

“Things in Brazil are not going well at the moment, in the last month, in the last few weeks, and we believe it Brazil deserves a better president“said this 45-year-old Brazilian.

This Tuesday’s event was Bolsonaro’s first public act since his arrival in Orlando, where he lives in a house owned by former Brazilian martial arts fighter José Aldo.

On Monday it was learned that he had applied for a visa to be able to stay another six months in the country.

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Source: Clarin

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