How to search for a movie without knowing its name on Netflix?

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No doubt Netflix It is one of the most important platforms in the world. Its vast catalog includes productions of all kinds, so it can sometimes be a little frustrating not to find the research.

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However, there are several options and tools for finding movies and series on Netflix and other platforms. Some of them are specialized web pages in the content of these services, and others are social media accounts that keep track of thumbnails.


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This internet server is one of the most used options through computers and laptops. The browser was created for organize and filter content from various platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and MUBI. It also includes some online video stores, such as Apple iTunes and Microsoft Store. However, it only includes what was released in 31 countries.


This web page, although similar to the previous one, has some more advantages. Although it also includes the search platforms themselves, it offers the possibility of create lists and libraries of movies the user wants to see. Jobs more like a social network compared to JustWatch, as it allows you to write reviews of the productions you watch and sort your favorite TV channels.

Television calendar

This page allows organize calendars to find out when new productions are released from various platforms, mainly Netflix. Likewise, this tool is more useful for series than for movies.


In the blue bird social network there are several accounts dedicated to monitoring the previews and interesting contents of each platform. Some examples are “Netflix’s Rooster” and “The Rooster of HBO”. For Netflix in particular, accounts come in handy “allflix” and “uNoGS”.

Source: Clarin

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