Mexico: sues a zoo for cooking its pygmy goats at the Christmas feast

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An investigation is allegedly revealing a multitude of irregularities in the Chilpancingo zoo in Mexico, among which is included an unexpected feast.

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Second Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMAREN) of Guerrero, reports the site, zoo authorities have cooked up some of their own pygmy goats to complete a Christmas “barbecue”..

THE zoochilpan (as the establishment is colloquially known) had 10 pygmy goats in its inventory, but its manager, according to SEMAREN, allegedly ordered four of them sacrificed for cooking at the workers’ inn.

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They were not animals fit for human investigating officer said.

more irregularities

Unfortunately, the allegations against Zoochilpan aren’t limited to just goats.

Zoo authorities are also said to have traded 4 watusi without permission some radios, a milk heater, a microwave oven and 65,000 pesos in cash.

In turn, the disappearance of a zebra is investigated which would have been mistaken for 3 deer.

SEMAREN has discovered that within the zoo there are other lost or disappeared species whose whereabouts are unknown. For example, a harlequin macaw, a red-tailed hawk, two coyotes, jaguars and some deer are missing.

The charges fall on a former director who headed the zoo for just 10 months and is currently separated from the post and under investigation.

Meanwhile, the official investigation continues with Guerrero’s Ministry of the Environment, federal environmental authorities and the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) implicated.

pure cruelty

Zoochilpan wasn’t the only Mexican pet site that had problems in recent months.

In June 2022, the Association of Zoos, Hatcheries and Aquariums of Mexico (AZCARM) reported that a shooting took place in the early morning Ecoparc Colima conservation centerin the center of the capital of that Mexican state, which caused the death of a red deer and a mouflon.

The facts were not known until the association released a statement stating that upon arrival at the facility they had found shell casings strewn about the place and the two animals had bled to death from gunshot wounds.

According to the RT website, the director of this center for wildlife conservation and research, Jesus Costaindicated that dozens of animals were very upset and were transferred to a review to rule out they had received any injuries from the shooting, as “they were mercilessly tossed as if the animals were part of relentless organized crime.”

The association stressed that the Ecoparc authorities have filed a criminal complaint with the Attorney General of the State of Colima against those responsible for “this cruel murder of animals and act of violence against a wildlife conservation center”.

Source: Clarin

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