Lettuce tea: this is how it can be consumed to regulate circulation

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Circulatory problems can have multiple causes that will need to be diagnosed by a general practitioner.

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In any case, some habits will help avoid the most frequent symptoms, such as tingling in the legs.

Among these options, the Mundo Deportivo website recommends incorporating tea into your daily diet of lettuce.

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The reason is that, by presenting folate among its componentsimproves circulation and prevents conditions such as varicose veins or vasculitis. It also improves cellulite images.

Lettuce tea is made with the greenest leaves.

Lettuce tea is made with the greenest leaves.

more properties

The Mundo Deportivo site note lists further benefits.

– It is a mild and natural sedative.

– Contains flavonoids, which are pigments found in foods, especially vegetables, whose function is They protect the body from damage caused by oxidizing substances that cause aging.

It has diuretic properties and helps reduce blood sugar levels.

Lettuce helps regulate circulation and is diuretic.

Lettuce helps regulate circulation and is diuretic.

– It’s a painkiller.

– It is digestive and provides a feeling of satiety.

How to make lettuce tea

– Boil a liter of water for ten minutes together with about five lettuce leaves. It is best to choose those that are as green and meaty as possible. As these varieties concentrate more amount of medicinal properties.

– After boiling, let stand for another ten minutes.

– Once filtered, the tea will be ready to drink.

Your contraindications

The same source indicates that some precautions should be taken in some cases.

– Due to its sedative action, it is not recommended to consume in excess when it is necessary to carry out activities that require significant physical or mental effort.

– In case of kidney problems, it is contraindicated. Since they can amplify the diuretic effects of medical treatment and be counterproductive.

The ideal is to consume a maximum of two cups a day. Preferably at night or after daily activities.

Source: Clarin

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