Five exercises to strengthen the body and increase muscle mass

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A toned body it is not built overnight. Exercise, rest and maintaining a healthy diet are the “solutions” to lower your fat percentage and increase muscle mass.

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For this it is necessary to strengthen the muscles with exercises that work strength, since they can improve bone density, thus reducing the possible risk of osteoporosis or fractures and at the same time protecting the joints.

Increasing muscle mass has numerous benefits, such as a more efficient metabolism, better body composition, better athletic performance, and greater ease of movement in daily activities.

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Exercise improves quality of life.  Shutterstock photos.

Exercise improves quality of life. Shutterstock photos.

It also helps prevent injuries, as muscles, tendons and ligaments have less risk of damage, being able to withstand work with greater intensity, according to the book Strength Training, by William Kraemer and Keijo Hakkinen.

However, this requires discipline, perseverance and patience, as results are not seen instantly.

Next, 5 exercises that can be useful for strengthening the body

1) Squat

squats.  Shutterstock photos.

squats. Shutterstock photos.

The squat is a super full-body exercise that primarily works the lower body and back. Among its advantages are:

  • They tone the body
  • improve posture
  • greater flexibility
  • Balance and coordination
  • Greater resistance
  • increases strength

2) Deadlift

Barbell deadlift.  Photo: Getty Images

Barbell deadlift. Photo: Getty Images

He dead weight It is an exercise that, in addition to the legs, engages the trunk and the muscles of the lower, middle and upper back, which help maintain good posture and alignment.

Additionally, some studies have shown that workouts that include deadlifts can improve bone mineral density and can help you manage low back pain.

3) Flat bench press

Bench.  Photo: Getty Images

Bench. Photo: Getty Images

The flat bench press improves upper body strength control, develops the pectoralis major and minor, and isometrically (not in motion) work the trapezius, neck, and rhomboids to keep the head flat on the bench and stabilize the back.

It’s a great exercise for gaining muscle mass, building upper body strength, and improving endurance.

4) Lunges

Also called split squats, they help strengthen the lower limbs by improving balance, stability and flexibility in the hips

you lunge.  Photo: Getty Images

you lunge. Photo: Getty Images

5) Pull-ups

Pull-ups are a great way to train your upper body. The best option for strengthening your back are those with a wide or open grip, as they will reduce the action of your arms and require more work from your lats.

Pulled up. Photo: Getty Images

Pulled up. Photo: Getty Images

Researchers at the US National Library of Medicine say that performing back exercises improves the muscle strength needed to support the spine, which has a positive impact on better posture. Furthermore, flexibility is equally favored, as is freedom of movement.

Source: Clarin

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