The essential vitamins that are recommended to be consumed for skin care

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He skin care It is one of the main factors to take into consideration, especially with the arrival of heat and the increase in ultraviolet rays. Despite the wide range of face creams, there are many that do not vitamins A, B3, C and E, which are essential.

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This kind of vitamins They promote protection from solar radiation, inhibit the growth of certain types of cells, give the skin greater luminosity, synthesize collagen in the skin and reduce and prevent dark spots on the face, among other benefits.

Vitamins are of vital importance for the development of the human being, as they provide a series of benefits that in some cases the body cannot generate on its own. They are found in the outermost layer and come from a process of transforming the fat of the sebaceous gland, also known as the skin barrier.

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In detail, the foods that must be consumed for skin care.

In detail, the foods that must be consumed for skin care.

Vitamins also benefit the functioning of the organs, so it is extremely important to cover the main benefits that each of them provides with food. Also, not consuming fruits, vegetables and legumes could cause a decrease of vitamins in the body and subsequently lead to some disease.

Skin Care Vitamins: Vitamin A

THE Vitamin A It is one of the main ones for skin care, as some facial products lack this type of vitamin and the body does not generate it itself, so it is advisable to supplement it with some foods.

Foods with the highest percentage of Vitamin A They are usually red or orange fruits and vegetables, since they are the ones that contain beta-carotene, an organic pigment that reduces the chances of getting cancer. Among the most common fruits and vegetables are mangoes, squash, squash, tomatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes, among others.

Orange colored fruits and vegetables, vital for receiving vitamin A.

Orange colored fruits and vegetables, vital for receiving vitamin A.

One of the main functions of the Vitamin A It is protection against ultraviolet rays and protection against the growth of certain cells caused by the sun, thanks to its stimulation in the formation of collagen and elastin. In addition, it supplements the hydration and elasticity of the skin which mainly protects those suffering from acne, psoriasis and dryness.

Skin Care Vitamins: Vitamin B3

Unlike vitamin A, this type of vitamin, also known as niacin, brightens the skin and prevents short-term aging. Also, they are often used in facial products that reduce acne and inflammatory problems on the face.

THE vitamin B3 it also provides the stimulation of cementitious lipids, which strengthen the skin barrier. Also, it is recommended to consume chicken breasts, tuna, salmon and corn tortillas to get it from food.

Skin Care Vitamins: Vitamin C

Another essential vitamin to consume to promote skin care is C, which is used to synthesize collagen in the skin and provide more elasticity to the tissues. In addition, it is used to prevent skin aging thanks to the luminosity it provides and also acts as a sunscreen.

Brussels sprouts, citrus fruits, peppers and broccoli, part of the fruits and vegetables with vitamin C.

Brussels sprouts, citrus fruits, peppers and broccoli, part of the fruits and vegetables with vitamin C.

Another advantage of C vitamin is to reduce the appearance of spots due to the production of keratin in the body. The main foods with vitamin C are citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges, peppers and melons, among others.

Vitamins for skin care: vitamin E

The fourth essential vitamin that must be consumed for skin care is Vitamin Ewhich is used to reduce facial aging and diseases that can be caused by the sun.

In the same sense, it is usually consumed at the same time as vitamin A, as it contributes to its absorption process in the body. In addition, it also works as an antioxidant thanks to its collagen and cell reserves.

This type of vitamins can be obtained by consuming condiments in vegetable oils such as olive oil, in dried fruits such as walnuts, and also in olives and sunflower seeds.

Source: Clarin

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