Madeleine McCann: The strong statements of the parents of the young woman who claims to be the missing girl

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The Madeleine McCann case moved – and still moves – the world. And even more so these days when a young Polish woman claims to be the girl who It’s disappeared in Praia da Luz, Portugal, the May 3, 2007.

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Julia Faustyna Wendell is Polish, she is 21 years old and for just over a week she has become the star of notes and covers stating from her social networks (iammadeleinemccann) what’s wrong trial this would confirm that it could be little Maddie.

However, beyond these similarities which he claims to have and the lack of information his parents give him about his own identityMany doubts have been raised about his statements.

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So much so that neither her relatives nor the McCanns have so far agreed to perform the DNA tests she claims. And there’s even more: now his own family has released a statement with strong statements about Julia.

Julia Wendell claims she has proof it could be Madeleine McCann.

Julia Wendell claims she has proof it could be Madeleine McCann.

What does the statement from the family of the young woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann say?

Disappeared years ago a Polish charity, has released a statement on behalf of Julia’s family in which they claim they have data and photographs that discredit what the young woman saysreported The mirror.

“For us as a family, it goes without saying that Julia is our daughter, niece, sister, niece and cousin. We have memories, we have photos. I am photos Julia has them too, because she took them out of the family home with the birth certificate, as well as numerous hospital discharges”, the relatives indicated in the text.

They also clarify that Julia has always had problems but now she has moved and does not agree to take the drug that he has to, which would justify his actions in recent days.

In this sense they have indicated that: “We always try to help her recover. Julia has been of age for several years and now she has left home. She wanted to be a singer, a model. He always wanted to be popular. What’s happening now? She has a million followers.”

Julia Wendell's family claims she is not Maddie.  Photo: social networks

Julia Wendell’s family claims she is not Maddie. Photo: social networks

They added: “We were always trying to understand the things that were happening to Julia. Therapies, drugs, psychologists and psychiatrists. […] We fear that the inevitable will happen. The Internet will not forget it and it is obvious that Julia is not Maddie. We are devastated by the current situation“.

Finally, the family clarified that evidence had already been provided to the Polish police and they asked that they be respect your privacy: “We will not grant interviews, we will not publish photos or comment on articles”.

Who is Julia Wendell and why do you think Madeleine McCann is?

julia wellell she is polish, she has 21 years -Maddie would be 19 years old, there’s already a difference- and from her Instagram account she shows the different proofs that lead her to defend the theory that she is the missing girl.

Julia lives in Germany with her family, but she has many Doubts about its origin because, according to her, His environment refuses to explain the details of his past or they just talk about him in a confused way.

All the girl’s alarms went off when her parents, she says, refused to give her theirs birth certificate.

According to her relatives, there are memories, photos and documents proving Julia's identity.  Photo: social networks

According to her relatives, there are memories, photos and documents proving Julia’s identity. Photo: social networks

In her physical appearance, she points out that there are striking similarities to Madeleine: she has the same sign in the eye of the small, two freckles on the legs, besides similar facial expressions and different gestures in common. He also states that he looks a lot like Maddie’s parents.

The authorities, however, for now discard this and do not believe that the possibility of carrying out a DNA test exists.

Source: Clarin

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