Several newspapers in the United States canceled Dilbert’s popular cartoon due to its author’s racist comments

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Several US newspapers, including The Washington Post, They canceled the comic “Dilbert” after its author made some racist comments.

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Among the newspapers that have canceled the comic are Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and the more than 300 titles that are part of the Gannett group, one of the largest publishing groups in the United States and owner of the popular “USA Today”.

Those papers’ decision comes after the comic’s author, Scott Adams, said on a live YouTube broadcast Wednesday that the black community in the US is a ‘hate group’ and that white people should “stay away from them”.

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In a statement, Gannett justified his decision to cancel the comic with its author’s “discriminatory comments” and explained that, while respecting freedom of expression, Adams’ vision “is not in line” with the group’s values. editorial.

For its part, The Washington Post newspaper explained on Saturday through a spokesman that it had received calls from readers asking for the termination of the contract with Adams and, finally, this Sunday the comic was removed of most of its written editions.

However, some editions retained the drawing because the order had not arrived in time. On the web it had been totally removed.

Dilbert and his dog Dogbert.

Dilbert and his dog Dogbert.

Adams, 65 years old, created the comic in 1989 and its success has made it into an animated television series.

The comic revolves around Dilbert, an engineer with poor social skills, and his dog, Dogbert.

Through the eyes of Dilbert, the cartoonist has satirized for years various situations in the world of work, from excessive corporate bureaucracy to difficult relationships with the boss or the bonds that are established between employees.

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