The vegetable that has more calcium than dairy products and vitamin C needed to tackle climate change

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When looking for a diet that covers all the body’s needs, the so-called superfoods have the floor. Within this group, there is cabbage, an increasingly used and accessible vegetable to obtain.

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Also known as cabbageit began to be used in the United States and then spread its conquest to other sides of the map.

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The properties of cabbage

Speaking of its virtues, the site’s note Directo al paladar stands out as the main point it has a high kick. There are several sources that indicate that every 100 grams of cabbage yields 150 milligrams of this essential mineral for bones. While 100 milliliters of cow’s milk contain 130 milligrams.

Also, according to information from Directo al paladar contains more vitamin C -ascorbic acid- than an orange.

more benefits

– It has a high percentage of potassium and magnesium.

– It’s low-calorie.

– Has minimal amounts of fat.

– Like the rest of the vegetables, it has no cholesterol.

– It is very rich in fiber and water.

Kale pancakes replace the most popular recipes.

Kale pancakes replace the most popular recipes.

To meet these nutritional needs, it is important to take into account the quantities consumed of each food. A glass of milk usually contains between 200 and milliliters, while a portion of raw cabbage does not exceed 40 or 50 grams.

It’s also worth noting that raw vegetables retain their properties better. With cooking, however, they lose water and part of their nutrients.

Cabbage recipes

Another of the virtues is that it is a vegetable Very versatile and which can be incorporated into everyday recipes.

Some idea?

Green pancakes, an option that incorporates this cabbage along with other more popular vegetables.

Super nutritious smoothie, with kale, green apple and pineapple.

Kale provides significant amounts of calcium Photo @buenprovecho.clases.

Kale provides significant amounts of calcium Photo @buenprovecho.clases.

Chips to be made in the microwave, an ideal proposal to add healthier options to the chopped ones.

If you want to add it raw to a salad, it’s best to choose the lightest leaves, which are the softest, and chop them very finely. It can also be blanched or steamed.

Source: Clarin

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