Unrest in France in massive mobilization against Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform

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Fear of violence reduced the mobilization in the 10th trade union march in France. According to the CGT there were 400,000 people against 800,000 last Thursday. At least 93,000 people demonstrated in Paris, according to the interior ministry. And they had reason to fear: at the end of the demonstration, the Black Bloc advanced on the police on Boulevard Voltaire and Place de la Nation, the end of the procession, and set fire to public furniture.

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In this climate, the CFDT union leader, Laurent Berger referred to as “mediation”., the withdrawal of pension reforms and a pause in negotiations”. Emmanuel Macron’s government has said no to trade unions. “Mediation” rejected but he suggested that “there are other paths”.

Concerned about this escalation in this increasingly violent political and social crisis, MODEM, a parliamentary group allied with Macron, has supported mediation and the search for a way out of the conflict, where the majority of French people oppose an increase in the pension from 62 to 64 years.

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For the inter-union there is no other way out: withdraw or leave reform aside in discussions. Former CGT leader Philippe Martínez reported that the inter-union will write to the head of state. Workers’ unions discuss a new march on Tuesday or Thursday.

Police charge protesters in Paris.  Reuters photo

Police charge protesters in Paris. Reuters photo


“We will not suspend pension reform,” those around Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne said. It was the response to the trade unionists’ proposal, who, worried about the escalation, proposed mediation to the government.

The march from the Place de la République into Paris had no major incidents until it reached the Place de la Nation, the end of the march. NO not 1,000 radicalized but a hundred Black Bloc, who faced the police, dressed in black, with everything they found: chairs, tables, skateboards, bottles, all the blunt objects that can kill on Boulevard Voltaire.

Although the garbage collectors have announced that they will end their strike on Wednesday, there are still several tons of rubbish on the streets of Paris. The radicalized have piled them up to make big fires.

A police station

A police commissioner from the CRS was in charge of the crackdown and led his men to the Place de la Nation. “Advance, recoil, advance in line” he ordered ahead of the surprised Black Blocs, who wanted to disperse the “casseurs” or vandals and separate them from the peaceful demonstrators, but the Black Blocs charged the policemen.

As the radicalized clashed with the police, union protesters arrived on the square in order.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin was heavily criticized for the behavior of police officers during Thursday’s demonstration. The motorcycle brigade receives pressure be dismissed for his conduct.

Thousands of people protest in Paris against Macron.  Reuters photo

Thousands of people protest in Paris against Macron. Reuters photo

Faced with criticism from the National Assembly, Darmanin reaffirmed his absolute confidence and his total support for the police, after having invoked “respect for ethics”. “Forces that do not respect the law are obviously sanctioned”She said.

The controversial Brav M, a motorcyclist brigade, was present, but at a distance, while the agents accused of insulting and intimidating the young demonstrators were absent.

The minister accused the opposition of “hating the police”. At least 1,000 people were checked at the march and 22 were arrested.

the students have arrived

The other fear of the march was the students, who blocked high schools and universities. Their attendance accounted for 400,000 across France and 60,000 in Paris.

“We have been motivated since 49.3. Nothing will change because Macron is not listening,” said Jo, a Sorbonne student at the march. Anger at the government’s deaf ears motivates students, who are due to hold an organizing meeting in Paris this weekend.

Students have taken control of the squares of Paris against Macron.  photo by AFP

Students have taken control of the squares of Paris against Macron. photo by AFP

A political battle broke out, midway through the march, between Indomitable France and the government: Justice Minister Eric Dupont Moretti accused the ranks of the head of FI, Jean Luc Mélenchon, of “vomit on the cops”.

Communist leader and MP Fabien Roussel said “there is no other option than to reopen the dialogue. Macron must reach out to the unions”. The president is at an impasse, the opposition will do everything to make it impossible to maintain his inflexibility”.

The Communist secretary warned the government and its ministers: “They will not be able to cross France. I warn you.”

For the government, Mélenchon seeks to polarize and rot the demonstrations get to the 2027 elections with Marine Le Pen In front of him he will present himself as “the salvific tribune of the Republic” but with a change of institutions.

Organizations of lawyers, judges and human rights defenders have denounced the ban on night-time demonstrations in Paris against the pension reform. Protesters receive amendments, when participation in a prohibited rally is not illegal.

The violence, the number of injured and five people close to death in the crackdown on environmental activists in Deux Sevres on Saturday intimidated many from attending the march. There was a 20% reduction in militants across France.

fed up merchants

Bars closed, counters covered with metal like ATMs, shutters down. Silence and desert on the boulevard Voltaire at the beginning of the march. Merchants there expected the worst and protected themselves.

They feel their business figures are declining by up to 60%, their businesses are at risk and their freedom to move and work is being affected. The presence of the radicalized forces them to take measures to protect their property.

But all of Paris suffers. Restaurants close very early because nobody goes out to eat in the evening and at noon they don’t eat because they are mostly teleworkers. At 10.30 pm the City of Light becomes a desert because they fear the wild demonstrations in the Plaza de la República or in the Bastille, but the lack of fuel also helps to stay at home.

In this tenth march there were heavy clashes in Nantes, Rennes and Bordeaux.

In 214 cities there were 556,000 demonstrators according to police data against 836,000 on March 23 and 1,036 on March 7 according to the prefecture in all of France.

Source: Clarin

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