He didn’t want to go to the doctor because of his weight: he had a 45 kilo cyst

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As of 2020, a young Florida woman suffered from constant stomach pain and her menstrual cycle was irregular. She refused to go to the doctor because she always thought “The pain will go awayUntil his conditions became unbearable and he ended up in the operating room.

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Today, Allison Fisher She feels lucky that life has given her a “second chance” after overcoming a 45-pound ovarian cyst. “It’s like I’m pregnant with 10 babies at once,” she confessed.

To Allison, 20 years old. It was difficult for him to make the decision to take care of his health problem, as he confessed to the site New Jax action: “Noor he wanted to go to the doctor because if he ignored the pain, it would go away. Also, every time he went to a consultation, whether it was for a cold or an earache, the doctors advised him to lose weight.

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Here's what Allison Fisher looked like before her ovarian cyst surgery.

Here’s what Allison Fisher looked like before her ovarian cyst surgery.

As the site says 20 minutestime went by, the symptoms got worse, he felt worse and worse and his belly didn’t stop growing. “My stomach was hard as a rock”insured,

“I felt like I was carrying 10 babies at once. I couldn’t lie on my stomach. It was like all my organs were crushed,” she said Action New Jak. it was the constant feeling of her. In the end, the young woman decided to visit the doctor just before Christmas 2022, because she was already having trouble breathing.

Martin Martino, a gynecological cancer surgeon at Ascension St. Vincent’s Hospital, examined her and told her she had a cyst on her ovary that was growing and weighed more than 100 pounds.

They operated on her urgently to remove the tumor. “What was really interesting is that once it was removed, we looked at the other ovary, because now we could see it, and we realized it had been twisted three times,” the doctor said.

Allison, with the medical team after her surgery.

Allison, with the medical team after her surgery.

“It was thanks to about 10 centimeters that really helped us to be able to unscrew it and save Allison’s future fertility and the possibility of having children,” he concluded with the diagnosis.

Today life has changed for Allison Fisher: “After years I can see my feet again. I feel much lighter and I’ve started wearing clothes again that didn’t fit me before. I’m going to start undergoing surgery to lose weight and I am so excited for what life has in store for me“Said the young woman, after coming to an extreme situation which she fortunately managed to overcome.

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