The super proven exercise that increases concentration and attention

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Memory and concentration levels are not innate and immobile gifts. Beyond the personal ability to remember data or pay attention to a task, there are techniques that allow us to significantly increase this performance.

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Another point to take into consideration is that there are external issues affecting these parameters. Excessive worrying, chronic stress, or lack of sleep are triggers for dispersal.

In any case, in the elderly it is important to pay attention to frequent forgetfulness and to consult the family doctor when these gaps are very marked.

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Exercise to improve attention

and concentration

This is the proposal by Catalina Hoffmann, specialist in cognitive stimulation and brain training created by the Neurofitness website and published by the Spanish edition of the Hola website.

The instruction is to order the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 so that each side of the box adds up to 150.

The exercise published by NeuroFitness.

The exercise published by NeuroFitness.

Habits that improve attention

The site The mind is beautiful, however, shares some guidelines for better concentration.

– Restrict access to technology

To work or study, the results will be better if the non-essential technological elements are disconnected or silenced.

– Avoid multitasking

Doing many things at the same time is not synonymous with efficiency. Quite the opposite. It leads to spending more time on very simple tasks and with the possibility of making avoidable mistakes.

Meditation or mindfulness helps improve concentration Photo Shutterstock.

Meditation or mindfulness helps improve concentration Photo Shutterstock.

– Make a to-do list

It’s a simple method that allows you to improve your daily organization and “free” your mind from worries.

practice mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn, specialist in this technique, defines it as the ability to “intentionally pay attention to the present moment”. With which stress is reduced and self-awareness is increased. Another option is meditation, which helps focus.

Source: Clarin

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