The Mhoni Vidente ritual to start April and attract prosperity and good energy

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Mhoni Vidente, the Cuban astrologer based in Mexico and very popular for her predictions, as scandalous as they are accurate, shared a ritual to evoke prosperity and good energy during the month of April.

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The start of a new month is usually a time of reflection and renewal for many people, regardless of their beliefs and belief in rituals.

For those who value ceremonies more, Mhoni Vidente shared a start in the best possible way in the fourth month of 2023.

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Mhoni Seer.  She shared the rite on Instagram.

Mhoni Seer. She shared the rite on Instagram.

The Mhoni Vidente rite to start April with good energy

Mhoni Seer posted a ritual on her Instagram account, where thousands of people follow her, a video where she shares what needs to be done to make April it starts with a lot of prosperity and good energy.

To perform the ritual, one of the most extraordinary things is to focus on the goals of the month. Then gather the materials that will be used:

Brown sugar.

  • Two glasses of water.
  • Incense.
  • A green apple.
  • A ticket.
  • Wooden matches.
  • 3 coins of the same amount-.
  • A blue or purple candle
  • An aluminum coated plate.
  • Brown sugar.
  • Cinnamon powder.
  • Pompei lotion
  • Florida flower lotion.
  • Orange blossom lotion.
  • Perfume used by the person performing the ritual

“This ritual is to remove negative energy and envy,” Mhoni said while developing the steps of the ritual.

Mhoni Seer.  Cuban astrologer and tarot reader.

Mhoni Seer. Cuban astrologer and tarot reader.

Step by step Mhoni Vidente ritual for the good vibes of April

  • First of all you need to perfume the green apple with Florida flower lotion and the perfume we usually use.
  • Once the apple has been flavored, the person who performs the rite, praying an Our Father, passes it from head to toe to purify himself and thus get rid of bad energies.
  • When the person completes this ritual and purifies himself with the apple, he must ask for all positive energies to enter his life.
  • The ritual works best if you take a bath. At the end, the apple should be wrapped in aluminum foil to throw it away from home or in the trash can.
  • Then take the Syrian and put the perfume that we use together with the Pompeii lotion, the double luck lotion or the macuá bird lotion.
  • You need to sprinkle ground cinnamon, brown sugar and place the three coins of the same denomination in the shape of a triangle.
  • The note must also be perfumed, with which the person must cleanse himself, always from head to toe and asking for abundance, health and work.
  • The note must be placed in one of the glasses with crystal clear water, light the incense and recite an Our Father together with a Hail Mary asking for the best for us in April.
  • Mhoni Vidente underlines that in his April rite the candle must be kept lit until it goes out and the glass with water that does not have a ticket must be changed periodically.

Mhoni Vidente forecast for 2023

The seer explained:There is something that will be seen in the sky that will get so close to the Earth that it will start moving all energies, both positive and negative.”.

In this sense he explained that it is “a meteorite that has not crossed the planet for more than 5,000 years. In the past it has made changes to the Earth”.

The way to protect yourself from bad energies, according to Mhoni Vidente, is to “drink holy water, get a haircut, or do a ritual.”

According to Mhoni, “the arrival of (archangel) Uriel on the earthly plane will mean the beginning of the Apocalypse. Although there will be moments of tension, wars and conflicts in various nations, this envoy “will be able to defeat the devil”.

Source: Clarin

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