“The baby’s father is my dead son” Controversy over surrogacy Spanish actor’s twist

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Spanish actress Ana Obregón holds the baby she received through a surrogate mother. Ana Obregon Instagram capture

The Spanish actor, who sparked controversy by having a child through a surrogate mother, once again surprised Spain by confessing that this time it was his son whose father had died.

According to the BBC on the 5th (local time), Spanish actress and broadcaster Ana Obregón (68) revealed in an interview with the magazine ‘Ola’ that the biological father of her daughter, who had recently been born through a surrogate mother, was her son, who died three years ago.

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Obregón said, “This child is not my daughter, but my granddaughter.”

Obregon recently had a granddaughter through a Cuban surrogate mother using frozen sperm stored in New York City while her son was alive.

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He said in an interview, “The child is Ales’ daughter. She will let the kid know that her dad was a hero so that when he grows up he will be proud of her dad, she will know who he is,” she said.

After sharing this interview on social network service (SNS), he said, “Ales, I swore to prevent cancer, but I couldn’t keep it.” I will take care of you with infinite love, help me from heaven.”

Currently staying in Miami, USA, Obregón plans to go through the adoption process for the ‘granddaughter’ at the Spanish consulate in the US before returning to Spain.

Spanish media rushed to report his news, including a photo of Obregon holding a child on the front page. The Spanish magazine Lecturas also featured an article about a surrogate mother.

Earlier, the news that Obregón had a child through a surrogate sparked a fierce debate in Spain.

Equality Minister Irene Montero at the time condemned the use of surrogacy as “a form of violence against women” and that “surrogacy is an illegal practice in Spain”.

Obregón countered that surrogacy is a legal reproductive system accepted in many countries around the world. Obregón also said he is open to the possibility of creating a sibling for his granddaughter.

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