Chest and back workout to gain muscle mass in just a few days

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In times when free time is usually not abundant, having the opportunity to do phisical exercises at home helps to find available moments without all the logistics of going to the gym or working out with a personal trainer in a park or public place, for example.

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Plus, which is no small thing, it’s much cheaper, another incentive to get started, because there are a number of them chest and back workout which can be done using just a couple of chairs and a broomstick. Yes, that simple.

Is a set of exercises which provide a good boost for those looking to achieve muscle mass in theirs pectorals, arms and back. These are four movements using the protocol known as a “descending ladder”.

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For those who are not used to the term, this implies that you start with 10 repetitions of each movement and gradually work your way down until you reach one, meaning that at the end of each movement exercise in total, 220 repetitions of muscle exhaustion will have been performed.

Push-ups work various areas of the body.  Photo: Shutterstock.

Push-ups work various areas of the body. Photo: Shutterstock.

Four exercises for the pectorals and back to do at home

1. Funds

You need to grab a couple of dining room chairs or a couple of boxes and place your hands on both, lifting your feet off the floor with your arm stuck straight, supporting your entire body weight.

Then the elbows should be bent, slowly lowering to form a right angle. The key is to make sure they don’t open. Start over with the repeat format described above.

2. Inverted line

Place a pole or broomstick on chairs or boxes and hang underneath with your own arm straight, a wide grip and a tight core. The next step is to bend your elbows and push towards the bar, pausing for a second before lowering yourself under control. Repeat as in the previous exercise.

3. Push-ups with feet raised

Place both feet on the bench, creating a strong plank position with hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower the Chest to the ground before explosively pressing again to lock.

4. Leg-assisted pull-ups

Get into a pull-up position and rotate your palms. Then keep your knees bent and pull your chin over the bar, squeezing yours biceps hard at the top before descending.

Why should you train your chest and back together?

Fitness routines professionals recommend the workout chest and back together as a great way to gain full body strength. Using a routine multi-joint exercisesit is possible to be able to train both groups, and then move on to exercises with weights with which to isolate them.

It is also believed that chest and back they represent two of the muscle groups that most people in the fitness world are looking to grow.

A proper workout must include the different parts of the body.

A proper workout must include the different parts of the body.

If a person trains chest and back together, you’ll be able to use a similar intensity in both sets, which will grow your muscles symmetrically and make your bust look bigger and more toned.

However, trainers consider it very important that their students do not neglect any muscle group during their exercises. Therefore, although the training chest and back together on the same day is a good technique, professionals recommend leaving other days of the week free to focus on legs, biceps, triceps, abdomen and other parts of the body.

Source: Clarin

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