Pink Moon of April: that is, when it is found and where to see it in Argentina

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In this 2023, the treasure it never ceases to amaze us. After the fantastic alignment of five planets -Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Mars- that March has given us, this month brings us another wonderful stellar event: the Pink Moon.

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Yes, during the first days of April All over the world It will be possible to observe this particular astronomical phenomenon which is not only linked to the change of season (spring, in the hemisphere; autumn, in the south) but also coincides with the Easter.

Although this time it won’t be a supermoon (there will be four supermoons: in July, August and September), the full moon is always an interesting and suggestive event.

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This month the sky will give us an impressive Pink Moon.  Photo: Shutterstock.

This month the sky will give us an impressive Pink Moon. Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s that phase of the full moon -o full moon– is a period that occurs just when the visible face of our natural satellite fully illuminated.

Luna Rosa: when and how to see the phenomenon in Argentina

THE pink moon, the fourth full moon of the year, is visible, as we said, all over the world. Fortunately you won’t need binoculars or other elements to observe it since it can be done in full view.

However, how much less light pollution there is where we are, and the clearer the night, the better we can see it.

In Argentina and Chile, the pink moon it will become visible at 01:35 on April 6; in Miami and New York, at 00:35; in Colombia and Peru, at 11.35pm on April 5; and in Mexico, an hour earlier, at 10.35 pm, when it reaches its maximum illumination.

Why is it called Pink Moon?

First, it’s important to clarify this pink moon April is not exactly rosy from an astronomy point of view.

The origin of its name is due to the fact that in the northern hemisphere it refers to the spring that has just begun, when the first buds of the pink moss or wild phlox (pink moss grass)which has small flowers of that tone.

There are no scientific explanations for the different names the Moon receives. They have simply been called that since algonquinsa group of indigenous peoples of the United States, Canada, and northern Mexico.

The Pink Moon owes its name to the pink moss that blooms at this time in the northern hemisphere.

The Pink Moon owes its name to the pink moss that blooms at this time in the northern hemisphere.

They, by their traditions and customs, called the full moons according to the agricultural, cultural or climatic events of the moment.

He Maine Farmer’s Almanac (Maine Farmer’s Almanac) – the North American magazine that since 1818 has been dedicated to linking topics such as climate, crops and astronomical events – first published the “Indian” names of the Moon in 1930. In this case, “Pink Moon”.

Pink moon: what is the religious meaning

To the pink moon it is also known as Easter moon. This is because in the Christian liturgical calendar it coincides with Holy Week, since the religious feast is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first spring (or autumn) full moon, describes RT.

In relation to Hindu linisolar calendar, For its part, although there are numerous variations, for many this Full Moon corresponds to the festival of Hanuman Jayanti, the celebration of the birth of Hanuman, the widely revered monkey god in India, describes the site.

The Pink Moon has various religious meanings.  Photo: Sutterstock

The Pink Moon has various religious meanings. Photo: Sutterstock

Inside Jewish calendarTHE pink moon Coinciding with Passover, which begins on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nisan and in the Islamic calendar, this full moon is close to the middle of the holy month of Ramadan (the month in which the Quran was revealed).

Finally indicates RTamong Buddhists, especially in Sri Lanka, it is called Bak Poiaand commemorates when Buddha visited Sri Lanka and settled a dispute between chiefs, avoiding a war.

Source: Clarin

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