They claim that the leak of secret Pentagon documents is the work of a young man from a military base

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The person responsible for leaking hundreds of secret US documents. He is a young man who works on a military base. and that he has expressed devotion to guns and made racist comments, the newspaper reported. The Washington Post (WP).

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The man, who was initially indicated as answering the initials of “OG”, his name is Jack Teixeira and is a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, the US newspaper said.

Your job as a computer technician within the military organization it has facilitated access to sensitive information, the Post added on its website.

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The same newspaper anticipated Wednesday that he had accessed the secret documents of the military base where he works, took them home and published them on the Discord platform, popular among video game enthusiasts, with the aim of impressing other young people.

The New York Times added it the suspect is 21 years old.

The Discord network, where the Pentagon documents were published.  photo by AFP

The Discord network, where the Pentagon documents were published. photo by AFP

a video

To find out who is behind the leaks that have rocked the United States in recent days, The Washington Post interviewed a teenager who is part of the Discord group where he posted the documents.

The newspaper also had access to a video in which the young man is seen a shooting range with a rifle. In that video, he is seen yelling a series of racial and anti-Semitic slurs before shooting at one target multiple times, according to the Post’s description.

The documents he would have posted on Discord would then have been disseminated on other social networks such as Telegram and, in recent days, They ended up on the front pages of major newspapers around the world.

Most of the documents are related to the war in Ukraine and provide details on US and NATO plans strengthen the Ukrainian offensive.

Furthermore, the information suggests that the United States could have been spying on some of its closest allies, such as Ukraine itself, South Korea and Israel.

US President Joe Biden in Dublin, Ireland.  Reuters photo

US President Joe Biden in Dublin, Ireland. Reuters photo


The leak may have started on a website called Discord, a popular social media platform among online gamers. Discord offers text, voice and video chat and describes itself as a place “where you can belong to a school club, a gaming group, or a global arts community.”

In one of those forums, originally created to discuss a wide range of topics, members began discussing the war in Ukraine. According to one chat member, an unidentified member posted documents there that she said were secret, first transcriptioning them with his own thoughts and, a few months ago, uploading images of folded pages.

Given the possibility that the documents can create tension with its allies, the United States has been in contact with them in recent days, according to the White House.

The public barrage of leaks started last Friday, continued over the weekend, and has continued this week.

The impact it will have is still unknown, but some analysts compared to what the country experienced in 2013when former analyst Edward Snowden exposed the scale of the massive espionage programs launched by the United States after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The US government has been assessing the national security and diplomatic consequences of the leak since it was first reported last week. A Pentagon spokesman told reporters days ago that the revelations pose “a very serious risk to national security” and the Justice Department has launched an investigation to find those responsible.

“We are approaching”President Joe Biden told reporters in Ireland on Thursday. He said that while he is dismayed that the documents were leaked, “as far as I know, there is nothing contemporary in them that is of major significance.”

Source: Clarin

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