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Ukraine’s huge problem was introduced as a challenge to consistency in Lula da Silva’s government, but the leader of the PT he doesn’t seem to show any hurry to untangle that clumsy skein.

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It has just been revealed that he intends to send his main adviser on international affairs, Celso Amorim, a veteran diplomat who flies over the chancellery of his protégé Mauro Vieira, and who is who plans foreign policy of the new Lulist government.

However, there is no clarity on when this trip will take place, which should be of particular importance for various reasons. A very symbolic one, Amorim was recently in the Kremlin greeting Vladimir Putin who invited the Brazilian president to visit Moscow. Getting to Kiev would somehow balance that gesture.

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This was before the head of state’s trip to China at the head of a large delegation of businessmen. After leaving Beijing, the PT leader lashed out at the United States and the European Union, demanding this stop sending military aid to Ukraine and end the sanctions against Russia.

In these speeches to the press, he reiterated his old belief that war is equally the responsibility of the two countries, without distinguishing that the Russians invaded their neighbors a year ago and have been raining iron and horror on them ever since. Ukraine was particularly angered by these comments.

Lula da Silva in Lisbon with his Portuguese colleague Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa this Saturday April 22nd.  AFP extension

Lula da Silva in Lisbon with his Portuguese colleague Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa this Saturday April 22nd. AFP extension

This Tuesday Lula, who is in Lisbon, will speak to the Portuguese Congress. That tour and the following one in Spain, has an alternative motive try to disarm the suspects around the world for the PT position which would place Brazil on Russia’s side in the conflict.

Lavrov in Brasilia

The visit that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov paid to Brasilia on Monday had an impact in Europe, and in particular in Ukraine, a strong Brazilian signal against isolation that the international community has decided against the aggressor Russia, but also with the visitor publicly exposing the “similar approaches” of the two governments on the international situation.

Lula took advantage of the visit to Portugal to publicize Amorim’s trip, taking advantage of the fact that a huge Ukrainian collective whose leaders have announced that they will not join the repudiation marches against the presence of the Brazilian that are being prepared by right-wing populist and nationalist formations such as Chega.

Lula also used his minister in the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Márcio Macedo, central portfolio in the president’s daily agenda, to express Brazilian solidarity with war victims during a meeting this official held with the Ukrainian leadership in Lisbon.

Brazilian officials suggest a confusion in the world’s reaction to the head of state’s statements about the war. They emphasize that they seek peace. And they propose to promote an international commission with nations considered neutral so that they intervene between the two sides and reach a ceasefire in principle.

This initiative, which would be an elaboration of Amorim, includes among those countries China, not exactly neutral in the conflict that he never condemned and which has never called war but rather crisis or the like, as the Kremlin postulates.

Former Foreign Minister and international adviser to Lula, Celso Amorim

Former Foreign Minister and international adviser to Lula, Celso Amorim

Also, Beijing He showed no interest in the Brazilian idea. Rather, he observes with some comfort how a war develops which in his official documents he considers to be at a standstill.

Previously, in previous PT governments, Lula had also placed a very high limit on Brazilian influence on the international agenda, proposing to mediate in the nuclear conflict between the US and Iran, without having any repercussions. Nor was he successful in a minor challenge of those years to bring Chavista Venezuela closer to Uribe Colombia.

The newspaper Folha de São Paulo I recalled in these hours that in a recent interview that this newspaper did with Amorim regarding the international impact on the conflict and in particular with the United States, Lula’s adviser said that both governments have a lot in common in terms of social and economic policy.

He also praised the “positive attitude” by Joe Biden before the electoral process in Brazil. But he said that “this does not oblige us to follow all the opinions that they [EE.UU.] Have. We can differ.”

The problem, according to the opinion of analysts, especially European ones, is that there is no room for contradictions in the characterization of a conflict established by a large country over a small one to which the first denies its right to sovereignty. In doing so, it violates the international legal order and violates human rights. To disagree on this issue leave Brazil in a Embarrassing situation.

The writer and journalist Joao Gabriel de Lima wrote this Saturday in state that Europeans have difficulty deciphering Lula. “You voted in favor of a UN resolution designating Russia as an aggressor state and signed a statement against Putin together with Biden.”

“This week he received Foreign Minister Lavrov – he adds – and did not question his statement that Brazil and Russia had “similar points of view” on the war. Which of the two should Lula believe? Lula there or Lula here ? .
Brasilia. Special delivery

Source: Clarin

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