She summoned her boyfriend for a romantic surprise and handed him over to her lover: they killed him with 17 shots

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On Thursday, April 20, Romer Campos Meza, 30, was assassinated after receiving a total of 17 shots at point blank range. They shot him. A macabre story is written behind the crime: a young woman, in cahoots with her lover, has made an appointment with Campos Meza for a “romantic date”.

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The young woman met Campos Meza, covered his eyes to surprise him during the appointment, and there he was approached by Roger Moreno, the woman’s lover, who brutally killed him. The dramatic situation occurred in Peru.

According to local police, the young woman was having an affair with the victim and, in parallel, with Moreno. Finally, the authorities arrested the woman, who confessed to having received from her other companion, “El Colocho”, the order to execute him.

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In one video, the woman can be seen as she deceived the young man and covered his eyes with a diver. The young woman ran her hand over her face to make sure the victim didn’t see anything or suspect what was about to happen. After this moment, Meza was assassinated with 17 shots by members of the “El Colocho” gang.

“This investigation has already been clarified, the intellectual actors and those who brought this poor man to the wall, as they say, to be vilely executed have been captured,” said the head of the Huaral police division.

However, the leader of the gang is still on the run and is wanted by the police who hope to arrest him with the information provided by the rest of the detainees.

According to the newspaper ‘La República’, ‘Colocho’ allegedly threatened the woman with death so that she would help him in his crime. “He (Roger Moreno) tells me, after that conversation, that if he doesn’t hit him, he’s going to kill me and my brothers,” he told authorities. At present, both detainees are in custody.

The woman covered her boyfriend's face with a diver.

The woman covered her boyfriend’s face with a diver.

Roger Moreno has a long criminal record and has already been imprisoned twice. In addition, the gang he leads is dedicated to land trafficking, extortion and hit men.

According to the Peruvian National Police, 44 reports of homicides at the hands of hit men were reported up to February of this year alone, and between September 2022 and January 2023, 168 homicides were recorded.

Source: Clarin

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