He kept the body of an elderly man for 2 years in the freezer while he used his card for groceries

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On Tuesday, a 52-year-old Briton identified as Damion Johnson was found guilty of a heinous crime: He stored the body of a pensioner in his home’s freezer and kept it there for two years.

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Johnson was accused of prevent a legal and dignified burial From John Wainwrightwho was 71 when he died in September 2018. Wainwright’s body was only discovered on August 22, 2020.

The most disturbing and absurd thing about the case is that the causes of the elderly man’s death are not yet clear, nor why Johnson decided to keep his body in the refrigerator of his home in Birmingham.

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Damion Johnson is accused of preventing Wainwright's legal and dignified burial.  Photo: Daily Express

Damion Johnson is accused of preventing Wainwright’s legal and dignified burial. Photo: Daily Express

A second charge against Damion could explain his conduct. Johnson was also accused on Tuesday of using the retiree’s bank details to make purchases and withdraw money between Sept. 23, 2018 and May 7, 2020.

Johnson denied this allegation, claiming that the money he used from Wainwright’s account was his. On November 7 he will have to prove it in a new trial.

Raglan Ashtonhis lawyer, explained to the judge: “He says he did not act dishonestly, i.e. he claims he is entitled to the funds in Mr. Wainwright’s account.”

“The settlement stipulated that the money would be jointly paid into Mr. Wainwright’s account, so he basically argues that it was his funds into Mr. Wainwright’s account and, in short, he was entitled to it.”

Damion is currently free on bail. What will become of him in a few months?

left nightstand

In November of last year something similar happened in Argentina.

The woman was stopped by the DDI.

The woman was stopped by the DDI.

A mother from Villa Ballester didn’t know what to do after her 5-year-old daughter died at home and made an unusual decision: he hid the body in a box and used it for a while as a bedside table.

The mother herself showed up at the police station to report her act. When officers investigated her home, they soon discovered the creepy, makeshift coffin containing the 5-year-old girl’s remains.

Examinations carried out on the young woman’s body indicated that the cause of death was a “respiratory infection”. The girl experienced health complications after being born prematurely.

The situation was to be seen. The woman was arrested for possible “murder” and the prosecutor ordered the related investigations to be carried out.

Source: Clarin

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