The action comedy anime series that is all the rage among Harry Potter fans and is breaking it

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There are new versions of souls which are enjoying enormous success among fans of the genre. Productions such as tengoku daimakyo AND hell is heaven I am some of the most viewed of the last few months, but there is one more that can be added with its next chapters.

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Regard Mashle: magic and musclesa series developed by the animation studio A-1 Pictures. It is based on the manga of the same name, which began publication in 2020 in Shōkan Shōnen Jump magazine and was written and illustrated by Hajime Komoto.

What is it about Mashle: magic and muscles?

Mash Burnedead must stand out among his fellow mages with his strength alone.

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Mash Burnedead must stand out among his fellow mages with his strength alone.

Even if the series has only four episodes aired, has a large number of fans that grows every day. Many of them also come from the famous saga of Harry Potteras the themes have some similar points.

The plot tells the story of a fantasy world, in which people are born with magical abilities which they can use from early childhood. They bear birthmarks on their faces, which show off their prowess and potential.

However, the protagonist of the series Mash burned dead born without any magical abilities. She lives with her grandfather in the middle of a forest, away from the society that forbids keeping or hiding people without magic, and she spends every day training and practicing until he manages to get a immeasurable strength.

One day they are discovered by the police, but Mash defeats them with his physical abilities. That’s why the head of the authorities offers him a deal: if Mash enters the magical academy and becomes a “enlightened by god” —a select group of the best wizards—, will be able to live in peace with his grandfather. Thus, Mash will have to face his companions only with his strength to live in freedom.

Mashle: When are the new episodes coming out?

All the Friday there is a new episode available to watch on the platform Crisp; times vary by country, but some are:

  • Argentina: Friday at 12:30.
  • Chile: Friday at 12:30.
  • Venezuela: Friday at 11:30.
  • Colombia: Friday at 10:30.
  • Peru: Friday at 10:30.
  • Guatemala: Fridays at 9:30.

Source: Clarin

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