Coronation of Carlos III: card and apology after the arrest of anti-monarchist demonstrators

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Unlike the kingdom of Isabella II Republicans have taken to the streets to protest against King Carlos III and the monarchy since the first day of his inauguration.

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Police accused of using “totalitarian” tactics., after arresting 52 people, in a series of pre-emptive attacks on the coronation. Among them were 14 animal rights activists, who had been arrested near Westminster and the leader of the anti-royal group Republic, who had been in contact with Scotland Yard about his protest plans.

The Metropolitan Police have come under criticism after arresting 6 members of the Republica campaign group on Saturday. Now he expressed “regret” over the arrestsstating that their investigation could not demonstrate an intent to stop the event.

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Critics blamed the government after a new public order law went into effect just days before the celebrations, allowing officers to stop and frisk anyone they suspect of intending to cause a nuisance.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.  photo by AFP

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. photo by AFP


But the prime minister said it was “right that the government gives the police the powers they need to deal with an ailment serious”.

“Of course people have the right to protest freely but peacefully. But it is also right that people have the opportunity to go about their daily lives without major disruption,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said.

Faced with the scandal, the Prime Minister said that “we also live in a society where the police are operationally independent of the government. They make decisions on the ground and in the way they see fit. We have always done so “This is the reason. It would not be fair for me to interfere with their operational decisions.”

Protest against the coronation of Charles III in London.  photo by AFP

Protest against the coronation of Charles III in London. photo by AFP

undemocratic legislation

Alison Thewliss of the SNP called the legislation “draconian” and “undemocratic”, “By stifling the right to protest, Conservatives they are eroding the basic principles of a free and democratic society,” he said.

Green Party colleague Baroness Jenny Jones said: “The Met was wrong to arrest people on Saturday. But the government was wrong to empower them to do so.”

“The right to public order in essence it criminalizes peaceful protest using an approach similar to that used to stop terrorism, drug trafficking and gang violence.

But Labor has not pledged to reverse the bill.

Repubblica has refused to receive an apology from the police and will take legal action against the Metropolitan Police, after consulting its lawyers.


Source: Clarin

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