Panic in a shopping center in Colombia: a man killed a woman and then attempted suicide

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Moments of panic experienced this Sunday in a shopping center north of Bogotá, Colombia, because a man killed a woman of two bullets in the head and then tried to take his own life.

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The victim, identified as Érika Aponte Lugo, 26, was performing her role as deputy administrator at a local restaurant when her former partner, Christian Camilo Rincón Díaz, arrived.

After an argument, according to police in the Colombian capital, the attacker, who was wearing “a jacket from the mass transit system and carried a card from the Seguridad SAS group”, he drew his pistol and fired against Aponte Lugo.

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The victim was working in a restaurant in a Bogota mall when she was attacked by her ex-partner.

The victim was working in a restaurant in a Bogota mall when she was attacked by her ex-partner.

As a result of the injuries sustained, the woman was killed instantly. In the videos that have gone viral on social networks, we observe the moments following that attack, where Rincón Díaz is standing behind a counter and then he kneels next to the victim and holds a gun to his temple.

“He killed her”, a woman is heard saying, who then warns: “He will kill himself”. Later she hears a shot. “He killed himself”, the same witness of the event that took place in the Unicentro shopping center manages to say.

The femicide, which according to Herbert Benavides, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bogota, in dialogue with Blue Radiohe is 30 years old, he was immediately transferred to the Santa Fe Clinic in Bogotà, where he was hospitalized “with a reserved prognosis”.

According to initial information, the victim did not live with her attacker and the investigators were trying to establish whether she had protective measures.

The newspaper Time published that Rincón had “a record for personal injury, as of 2021” and for “wrongful restraint, as of 2022.”

“We are sorry for this regrettable fact and that Mother’s Day is the most violent of the year in the whole country, which forces us to reflect and act as a society and institutions,” said Claudia López Hernández, mayor of Bogotá.

The event caused tipping moments among those who were in the mall when the crime took place. The doors of the business premises were closed and people began to run for refuge.

The Colombian Ombudsman’s Office revealed on International Women’s Day that since 2021 to that date, it has served a total of 9,027 victims of gender-based violence in the country, which equates to an average of 5 women a day.


Source: Clarin

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