The heartfelt tribute to Chuck Norris in a moving post

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Actor and martial arts star Chuck Norris took the time to pay tribute to two of the mothers of his heart ahead of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on Sunday, May 14 in the United States.

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Over the weekend, the Walker, Texas Ranger actor shared a photo of himself with his mother Wilma and another of his wife Gena O’Kelley, whom he married in 1998.

“Happy Mother’s Day! To my wonderful mother Wilma and lovely wife Gena…” he read in the caption of his Facebook post. I love you more than words can express and I thank God for you two every day.”

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Meaning of Chuck Norris's post for his mother and wife.

Meaning of Chuck Norris’s post for his mother and wife.

The photo with her mother, which shows her bowing her head, was also used when she wished her a happy 102nd birthday in early May.

The second image shows Norris cuddling up and hugging his wife, who is the mother of two of their five children: twins Dakota, 21, and sister Danilee.

Chuck Norris is 83 years old and appears to be in good health.

Chuck Norris is 83 years old and appears to be in good health.

Wilma Norris Knight was born in 1921 and is Chuck’s mother, and he credits her influence, prayers, and unwavering faith with making him the man he is today.

Despite growing up in poverty and enduring the deaths of two husbandsa stepson, two nephews, and Chuck Wieland’s little brother in the Vietnam War, as well as repeated battles with cancer and 30 different operations, Wilma is still here to tell the story.

Chuck Norris' mother, on her 102nd birthday.

Chuck Norris’ mother, on her 102nd birthday.

When Chuck’s father abandoned the family, Wilma raised her three children as a single mother. Despite the hardships, she instilled values ​​in her children and taught them to be fighters. It made them believe that they could achieve anything in life and that even though there would be obstacles, determination would help them overcome any challenge.

Chuck is overwhelmed with gratitude for the influence of three women in his life: his grandmother Scarberry (Wilma’s mother), who died at the age of 90; his mother, Wilma; and his wife, Gina, whom he wed in 1998. The couple have twin boys, Dakota and Danilee, born in 2001.

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