Elvis Presley’s widow settles daughter’s will: ‘Families are happy’

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Priscilla Presleywidow of Elvis, “the king of rock and roll”has reached an agreement on the dispute relating to the deceased daughter’s will Lisa Mariehis lawyer said on Tuesday.

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Singer Lisa Marie Presley died on January 12 in Los Angeles at the age of 54 after suffering cardiac arrest. The only heiress of the legendary rock and roll star he had made his mother co-administrator of his estate.

But Lisa Marie, apparently, amended its legal will in 2016withdrawing the mother from the will and replacing the eldest daughter, the actress Riley Keoughas a beneficiary.

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In court documents seen by AFP news agency, Priscilla argued that in January he had not been informed of the change in life, and that he had mistakes for which he should be invalidated.

On Tuesday, however, his attorney notified a Los Angeles judge that the dispute had been settled.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Lisa Marie Presley died in January.  Her will was brought to justice by her mother.  AP photo Barry Brecheisen

Lisa Marie Presley died in January. Her will was brought to justice by her mother. AP photo Barry Brecheisen

“The families are happytheir attorney Ronson Shamoun said as he left the courthouse handling the case. “They are united, together and excited about the future,” he stressed.

Priscilla Presley, 77 years old, she divorced Elvis in 1973after six years of marriage.

Lisa Marie controlled the lucrative conglomerate Elvis Presley Enterprises, but sold the shares to a private company in 2005.

I kept control”graceland“, the famous mansion owned by his father in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, visited by tens of thousands of people every year and in which the star was found dead in August 1977.

Riley Keough, 33, is an actress whose big screen credits include ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’

Lisa Marie also left behind teenage twin girls: Harper and Finley.

The Presleys’ Death Curse

The sudden death of Lisa Marie Presley, only child of the king of rock Elvis, at the age of 54 has reignited the mystery surrounding a family in which everyone dies young.

Historian and Elvis fan, Sally Hoedel, has ensured that we must trace the Presleys’ family tree back to a pair of cousins ​​who were married at the turn of the last century, starting an alleged curse that extends to the present day .

Lisa Marie Presley’s death was eerily similar to that of a long line of relatives, including her father Elvis.

The king’s only daughter was just 54 when she reportedly died of cardiac arrest at her home in Calabasas, California.

His father also died of heart problems in 1977, albeit much younger: 42 years old. Her twin, Jesse, was stillborn.

Elvis’ death had already been compared to that of his mother, Gladys Smith Presley, 19 years earlier, also of heart failure and aged just 46.

Some of Gladys’ brothers also died in their forties.

These “shocking events” aren’t mere coincidence, speculates author Sally Hoedel, who more than two years ago set forth her theory that “Elvis was destined to die young.” Hoedel wrote “Elvis: Destined to Die Young.” : Destined to Die Young. ), which presents an alternative theory of Presley’s death.

Source: Clarin

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