Ecuador: President Guillermo Lasso dissolves the National Assembly and ends the impeachment

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Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso dissolved on Wednesday the National Assembly and thus puts an end to the political process that was underway with the intention of dismissing him.

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With the dissolution of parliamentLasso can rule for up to six months by decree controlled by the Constitutional Court.

In a radio and television channel, Lasso assured that “all the efforts of the legislative power They are focused on destabilizing the government”.

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Lasso assured that

Lasso ensured that “all the efforts of the legislator are concentrated on destabilizing the government”. Photo: Reuters

He argued that “this is a democratic decision not only because it is constitutional but because it gives back to the Ecuadorian people the power to decide their own future in the next elections” and he considered that “this is the best possible decision that opens the way for us to rediscover hope, peace of mind”.

He added that “this is a new moment of optimism”.

Invitation to elections

Lasso must call presidential and legislative elections. The winners of this election he will complete the current presidential term and legislative ending in May 2025.

The decision is based on article 148 of the constitution which gives the president the power to dissolve the legislature just once, within the first three years of his mandate, for three causes: when the Assembly has assumed functions that do not correspond to it, due to impediment to the national development plan or due to serious political crisis and internal turmoil.

Lasso defends himself in Congress.  Photo: Reuters

Lasso defends himself in Congress. Photo: Reuters

The dissolution came at a time when the Assembly, dominated by a coalition formed by former President Rafael Correa’s Union for Hope (UNES) party (2007-2017), the Christian Social Party and the indigenous Pachakutik party, was conducting a political trial in Lasso for alleged misappropriation of funds.

The president maintained a bad relationship with the legislatorof which he accused members of asking him for state jobs, the management of public institutions such as hospitals, and even cash in exchange for votes.

Now the National Electoral Council must call presidential and parliamentary elections, which must be fulfilled within a maximum period of 90 days.

Those elected in this election will have to complete the remaining term until May 2025. Although the constitution does not specify a duration for this process, it is estimated that it could take four to six months. Lasso could apply.

Lawyer and constitutional lawyer Ismael Quintana told the Associated Press that Lasso has the power to rule by decree even if they it can only be cheap and it is the Constitutional Court that decides whether they are valid or not.

He clarified, however, that these decrees could be rendered ineffective by decision of the new legislative majority which is elected in early elections, since according to the constitution it must submit the decisions of the Executive to review.

Legal analyst Ramiro Aguilar told AP that “it is a fully constitutional mechanism” and that the provision helps to unblock the dispute between the government and the Assembly.

“A conflict of this nature can last four years and it is a conflict that paralyzes the country, therefore death cross (dissolution of the Assembly) established in the 2008 constitution was designed to overcome the political conflicts that put the institutions in check, which paralyze the institutionality”.

However, he added, the country also loses the democratic debate because “there will be a unilateral voice of the Executive which imposes a course without the counterweight of the Assembly and the country loses credibility, because it is left with a weak institutional framework”.

According to regulationsthe National Assembly must physically close its facilities and only its general manager will be authorized to keep the permanent staff in service while the rest of the temporary contracts will be ineffective. The president can order the use of public force to protect the Legislative Building.

Lasso, what’s wrong with you? only 25 members of the assembly out of a total of 137he has been in power since May 2021 and was elected for a four-year term.

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Source: Clarin

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