Kicks, blows on the head and broken fingers: concern and repudiation in France after the attack on Macron’s great-grandson

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Violence, hatred, intolerance and divisions between society have finally become a disturbing fact for the whole of French society, after the brutal attack on the great-grandson of President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte in Amiens, the city from which they comein the middle of a saucepan against the head of state.

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After President Macron finished his TF1 interview on Monday evening, Jean-Baptiste Trogneux (30), head of the Trogneux chocolate factory in Amiens he was attacked by several peoplewho participated in the cacerolazo, when he returned home.

brutal beating

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While “they began to knock on the doors and windows” of the chocolate shop, above which Jean-Baptiste Trogneux’s house is located, the demonstrators “recognized my son” and “the knocking began to rain”, said the father . the victim, granddaughter of Brigitte Macron, the first lady.

According to Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, his son

According to Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, his son “was punched, kicked… Photo: DENIS CHARLET / AFP

According to Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, his son received punches, kicks. He crouched down to protect himself. But he has wounds to his head, face, broken knees and fingers, and a bruise on his temple.” Three neighbors managed to save him from peat Otherwise they would have killed him, according to the father, who filed a complaint with the court.

association with the president

A brutal and unnecessary act and, as a background, extremely dangerous and sectarian. The Trogneuxs are the owners of a famous chain of chocolate shops, which since Macron came to power, they are regularly attacked because they connect them to the president. The sole owner is Jean Alexandre Trogneux, cousin of Brigitte. Nothing to do with the president or his wife having that property.

In a statement sent to AFP, Brigitte Macron herself she was outraged by “cowardice, stupidity and violence”. Before remembering having “repeatedly denounced this violence which can only lead to the worst” and having called his family, together with the president.

The Trogneuxs are the owners of a famous chain of chocolate shops.  Photo: DENIS CHARLET / AFP

The Trogneuxs are the owners of a famous chain of chocolate shops. Photo: DENIS CHARLET / AFP

Upon his arrival at the Council of Europe summit in Reykjavik (Iceland) 24 hours later, Emmanuel Macron denounced “unacceptable and indescribable acts”.

“Violence has no place in democracy. No form is justified,” he said. For him, They attacked him because he was his nephew.

climate of political violence

In a survey by the newspaper Le Figaro (conservative) and when asked “if you are concerned about the climate of political violence” in France, 83.84% answered yes and 16.16 percent who do not.

“Several people will be tried, two days after the attack on Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, great-grandson of Brigitte Macron,” Gérald Darmanin, interior minister, confirmed Wednesday morning.

Jean-Alexandre Trogneux speaks to the media after the attack on his son.  Photo: DENIS CHARLET / AFP

Jean-Alexandre Trogneux speaks to the media after the attack on his son. Photo: DENIS CHARLET / AFP

Three people will be judged this Wednesday in immediate appearance. Even the minor must appear before the judge for minors. “Four people have been released after being taken into police custody,” the interior minister also specified, interviewed on France Inter.

According to a source close to the case, six of the eight people arrested were “known to the police”. Three of them have a chaotic trajectory and it’s not the first time they’ve done it. Aged 35, 23 and 20, they were provisionally detained until a hearing set for June 5.

Unanimous condemnation of politicians

Elected officials from all political stripes in France unanimously condemned the events. But soon the political battle intervened again. The majority and the right promptly took over the responsibilities of a part of the left and of France Unsubmissive, Jean Luc Mélenchon’s party.

“There is an undeniable climate of violence in the country,” Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on Wednesday morning, a guest of France Inter. “Without a doubt, Mr. Trogneux was attacked because he belonged to the family of the President of the Republic”, continued the interior minister.

Brigitte Macron during a visit to the Beauval zoo.  Photo: GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP

Brigitte Macron during a visit to the Beauval zoo. Photo: GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP

After the fire at the home of a mayor who fled the city, other mayors who report systematic violence, assaults and death threats, it was the level of violence against the president’s nephew that joined the political class before splitting it again.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin added the same direction, speaking of an “undeniable climate of violence in the country”. Inviting “all exponents of politics as a whole” to “avoid adding anything to it”, the minister said: “We can stop for a moment and say that the extremes, and in particular La France Insumisa, have not contributed to the general calm”.

Statements that echo those of the president of Senators Les Républicains, Bruno Retailleau, for whom this attack is an illustration of “what verbal outbursts and mock executions of elected representatives of the far left lead to: that they are taken at their word “.

“Yes to the democratic debate, no to violence and terror”, added the president of the party, Eric Ciotti, leader of the Los Republicanos in the National Assembly.

In response, the leader of La France Insumisa, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, spoke of “commentators indifferent to assassination attempts and racist attacks against insubordinates”, who “urge him to take a stand on the Amiens bombing against the chocolatier Trogneux “, without explicitly mentioning the relationship with the family of the Head of State.

“I express my sympathy to him and add my protest to his,” he continued. And she added: “I’m asking Macron and Madame let them do the same with our friends who are attacked or threatenednot reserving his concern only for Zemmour when he was disturbed.”

The message did not convince its opponents, Éric Ciotti judged it, for example, “full of innuendo and ambiguity”.

Several deputies from France Insoumise expressed clearer and more direct condemnations. Like Alexis Corbière, assuring that “no violence against people is acceptable” and that “striking the ‘great-grandson’ of a politician to reach the latter It’s an act of cowardice”.

Environmentalist Sandrine Rousseau called this act “absolutely scandalous”. The deputy for the Somme and originally from Amiens, François Ruffin, denounced “serious and inadmissible” facts.

During the “Yellow Vest” movement, the Rebels had already met with Brigitte Macron’s family in Amiens to reassure them that “hostility against your shop was useless”.

Deputy Ruffin, however, attributed to Emmanuel Macron “responsibility for these events of violence because it only brings a police response to the country’s social, political and democratic crisis”.

National Regrouping, the recycled party of Marine Le Pen’s National Front, complained that the violence was going “further and further”. Before condemning “always this violence, even if not reciprocal, when we are the victims”.

The spokesperson for the RN deputies, Laure Lavalette, also spoke of an “intolerable” act and of “unbearable violence”, which “must be condemned by justice with exemplary firmness”. “No fight will justify such ferocity,” she said.


Source: Clarin

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