How to have a flat stomach: the food that helps eliminate abdominal fat

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reach a flat stomach It’s a goal that’s keeping more and more people awake. In this line, physical activity and healthy eating play a fundamental role, and when it comes to natural products there is a little known fruit this helps get rid of belly fat.

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“Fruits are characterized by their energy nutrients, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, proteins and vegetable fibers that support our body’s immune system and prevent the onset of serious health problems,” he describes Health and

But obviously, as the specialized site warns, not all fruits are made up of the same nutrients or in equal quantities. There are some foods that stand out from others for provide our body with more benefits.

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A low-calorie diet and exercise help achieve a flat stomach.  Photo: Getty Images

A low-calorie diet and exercise help achieve a flat stomach. Photo: Getty Images

Thus a somewhat particular and little-known fruit appears on the radar. It’s the cucumber melon. Yes, as it seems, it gets that name precisely because it looks like a melon on the outside and a cucumber on the inside, due to its flavor.

Characteristics of cucumber melon

The Cucumber Melon (Solanum muricatum) is a native species of andean region, in particular from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, places where it has been cultivated for centuries. Also in Chile and currently in some locations in Europe and the United States.

However, despite its good productive qualities, its cultivation failed to spread to the rest of the world.

Also known as sweet cucumber or melon, It is a round fruit that ends with a slightly pronounced apex, of medium size and yellow in color once it reaches the ripening stage.

The sweet cucumber is a round fruit that ends in a slightly pronounced apex.

The sweet cucumber is a round fruit that ends in a slightly pronounced apex.

Its flavor is similar to cucumber as it is sweet and lemony, it can be eaten with the peel and its seeds are edible.

When it’s not ripe yet, you can be eaten in the oven; instead when it is already, he eats it with the peel of the same shape as an apple.

Sweet cucumber nutrients

This sweet cucumber has traditionally been used as an edible fruit due to its rich flavor.

But that’s not its only benefit: One study found that a ripe melon cucumber contains the following nutrients on average:

Cucumber melon contains multiple properties.

Cucumber melon contains multiple properties.
  • Sugars (sucrose -more than 50%-, fructose and glucose).
  • Citric acid
  • Polysaccharides (molecules that serve to maintain energy reserves)
  • C vitamin
  • protein
  • fibers

Cucumber melon to show off a flat stomach

Melon has cucumber vitamin C and protein, fiber, polysaccharides and citric acid. Because of its high sugar content, you must understand that you should always eat it in moderation and not overuse it.

Food helps improve intestinal transit.

Food helps improve intestinal transit.

And its “flat stomach” effect is justified because it’s a food that helps improve intestinal transit.

The digestive tract works more efficiently due to the composition of this raw material, which allows it put barriers to constipation.

On the other hand, cucumber melon is low in calories, so it will be effective in any diet. AND diuretic, key to eliminating toxins that accumulate in the body. So it contributes to do not hold liquids and this is perceptible inside and projected outside.

Recipe ideas to consume it

The slightly sweet taste of melon cucumber with the salty taste of ham They are a very nice combination.

Cucumber melon salad, with ham.

Cucumber melon salad, with ham.

Another simple dish alternative that can be made mid-afternoon or right after eating consists of cut the melon cucumber into small pieces or strips and then spread a little chilli powder (e.g. chile tajín, tabasco or valentina).

On the other hand, you can make a simple salad based on cherry tomatoes, some red onion, green or red peppers, small feta cheese or mozzarella, melon cucumber and a drizzle of olive oil (Salt and pepper to taste).

Source: Clarin

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