Video: A storm hit the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship and caused terror

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A cruise ship bound from the Bahamas to South Carolina experienced a terrible storm that caused panic among the passengers and extensive damage to the ship, the Carnival sun.

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“Everything that happened was terrifying,” passenger William Blackburn told CNN. Blackburn was on a cruise with his wife and other family members. The storm affected the ship, with winds exceeding 130 kilometers per hour. The lower decks were flooded and furniture was broken.

“We stay in our cabin and pray we’re okay,” Blackburn said. They also took note of where the life jackets were stored.

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The interior of the Carnival Sunshine, with some damage and flooding.

The interior of the Carnival Sunshine, with some damage and flooding.

“We discussed that it would be highly unlikely to survive in the water even with life jackets on. and we doubt the lifeboats can be launched in those conditions,” he said.

The storm caught the luxury cruise ship late Friday night in the Charleston area.

Carnival Sunshine sustained minor damage.

Carnival Sunshine sustained minor damage.

“It was like the ship hit a wall, all of our stuff flew off the counters, our luggage fell and slipped off,” he added. Despite the scare, no passengers were injured and the ship suffered minor damage.

“The wind was howling, all I could see outside was a solid wall of mixed rain and water. The balcony door to the adjoining cabin had been broken in and was banging terribly. The ceiling and walls creaked and the ship made horrible noises and sometimes vibrated violently as if the engines were fighting against the raging waves,” added the passenger, still terrified.

Carnival Sunshine has a capacity of 3,002 passengers and 1,040 crew members. The ship has 14 levels. The company has confirmed that the cruise is already operational again.

Source: Clarin

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