Earn more than 5 thousand dollars a month with one of the most unusual jobs in the world

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There are strange jobs in the world that the vast majority of mortals are completely unaware of. One of these is undoubtedly that of a young man in England for whom earns more than 5 thousand dollars a month.

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18-year-old Corey Grieveson’s strange task is to keep seagulls away from people visiting the modern port of Whitby on the north east coast of England in the province of Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

To achieve its goal, young people dresses as an eagle and prowls the harbor in an effort to stop pesky birds from stealing people’s fish and chips. Something that is quite common, it seems.

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Grieveson’s work is strange, yes, but lucrative enough. The young man charges $250 a day, which means he ends up making $5,000 a month, though by that point we must add the numerous tips he receives daily.

The young man disguises himself as an eagle and scares the seagulls.  He earns over $5,000 a month.

The young man disguises himself as an eagle and scares the seagulls. He earns over $5,000 a month.

Is that the young transvestite also seems to have become an attraction. “People love it. They approach me to ask for photos and all this. I feel a bit like a celebrity,” she says teessisidelive.

“Simply I attack seagulls when I see them. I also have to be careful if they approach people and when they do, I run towards them and push them away,” he explains of his duties.

The young man disguises himself as an eagle and scares the seagulls.  He earns over $5,000 a month.

The young man disguises himself as an eagle and scares the seagulls. He earns over $5,000 a month.

“I’ve always liked birds, especially the big ones I wanted to do something that stood out and let me know,” Corey adds.

However, all is not “pink” for the boy. Apparently the seagulls they take their own reprisals against the “young eagle” that scares them on a daily basis.

It’s the one in what appears to be cruel revenge, the birds they poop on Corey’s car. “I clean it every day and when I come back it’s covered in seagull poop. I think they are trying to get revenge,” she said.

“I’ve had seagulls hit me on the side of the face with their wing, then crouch down and get their food. They do it so fast that you don’t expect it at all“, tells the young man about some of the techniques the birds use to distract him and achieve their goal.

Corey, who grew up in Whitby, start work at 6 in the morning and patrol the harbor front during the summer months.

Corey prowls Whitby Harbor during the summer.

Corey prowls Whitby Harbor during the summer.

Alex Boyd, 31, is the young man’s employer. The man, who co-owns Mister Chips, said so corey hired near his takeaway shop on Whitby’s West Pier.

Boyd also stated that since the teenager joined, they are delighted with their courageous work and their cheerful jokes.

“We’ve been at the dock for several years, and have been big problem with seagulls“explained the man.

“Simply It got worse and worse. I tried putting big fake eagles on the sticks but they caught on. They knew it wasn’t a real bird. They’re really smart.”

“So I talked to Corey and asked him if I wanted to scare the seagulls full-time during the summer and working inside the store during the winter,” he added.

Corey jokes a little with the customers. When they go to talk to him, he replies with bird calls. “I don’t speak English, I speak like an eagle“.

“It took me a long time to realize what we needed: a living deterrent. If you’re spending $20 an hour keeping customers safe and seagulls away, then that’s good for the store,” Boyd said.

Corey said you have to be “excited” in the role, but added that the job has its perks. “It keeps you fitIt’s a nice job, really. You are out all the time when the weather is nice. And when the weather is bad, the seagulls aren’t around.”

Source: The sun

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