Police brutality in Brazil: A military officer knocked out an 80-year-old woman with one punch

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an agent of Military police in São Paulo savagely beat an 80-year-old woman in an operation they carried out in a neighborhood of that state of Brazil. After the pictures of punchedauthorities have removed the man involved from law enforcement.

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The victim is called Vilma de OliveiraShe is a neighbor from the Água Branca neighborhood, where a group of military police went on Tuesday to intervene in a fight with a neighbor over the construction of a wall which, she said, went beyond the boundaries of her home. Kléber Freitas da Silva it was part of the operation which culminated in his departure from the force.

The woman, who had alerted the authorities of the neighborhood brawl, reacted by seeing three policemen reduced his son, Benedito Rodrigues de Oliveira. One of the officers, Freitas da Silva himself, repeatedly hit him in the face when he was pinned to the ground.

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Distraught, De Oliveira yelled at the officer and tried to stop the beating. However, the military policeman got up and with his right hand he knocked out the neighborwho suffers from hearing problems. Then, as the woman lay on the ground in shock, she scolded the person filming the scene, bringing her hand to her waist to grasp the handle of her service weapon.

A São Paulo military police officer knocked out an 80-year-old woman with one punch.

A São Paulo military police officer knocked out an 80-year-old woman with one punch.

“They ended up hitting me on the nose. Instead of defending me, the law enforcement officers attacked me,” the victim said. or globe.

As a result of the case, the public security secretary removed Kleber Freitas da Silva, although in a statement he defended the intervention of the security forces.

“We handcuffed and attacked family members and other people because they were harassed and greeted with violence, in the middle of a discussion between neighbors with the demarcation of the territory at the center”, said the Secretariat, which is also investigating the woman for offenses and contempt for the authority.

For his part, De Oliveira has denied the official version. “I called them myself to calm the disagreement. They came shouting and talking loudly to us. My son asked them to lower their voices. It was enough for them to push him and start a fight between the two of them,” said the woman .

“I saw my son passed out on the ground as they continued to hit them. What did they want me to do? I hit the policeman slowly, as if to tell him to stop, I didn’t want to hurt him”, the old woman continues, in dialogue with or globe.

“When he felt me ​​touching him, he stood up and slapped me across the face, knocking me to the ground. He even put his hand on his revolver. I thought he was going to shoot us in the head, I was terrified,” she added.

For his part, his son Benedito expanded on the alleged irregularities: he said they tried to “strangle” them. They were transferred to the San Paolo Guard Service and were released after a few hours.

“It was just a mother’s reaction, I wanted to protect my children, I didn’t deserve a punch in the face after 70 years of life,” the woman justified herself.

Source: Clarin

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