Tokyo Electric Power Company discharges contaminated water for the second time on October 5th… Government: “We will do our best to ensure that public safety is not affected”

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National Security Office announces second plan to discharge Fukushima contaminated water
7,800㎡ of contaminated water will be discharged for 17 days starting from the 5th of next month.
National Research Office “Thorough monitoring of data and samples as in the first round”
Check stability by dispatching our experts and sharing inspection information

On the 28th, the Office for Government Policy Coordination announced Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Company’s plan for the second discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant and announced that, as with the first discharge, our experts will be dispatched to the site and thorough monitoring will be carried out.

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The Office for Government Policy Coordination issued a press release this afternoon and said, “Tokyo Electric Power Company announced its second plan to discharge Fukushima contaminated water through a regular briefing this afternoon.”

According to Tokyo Electric Power Company, on October 3, diluted contaminated water was collected and measured from the upstream water tank to confirm whether the tritium concentration discharge standard (1,500 Bq/L) was met, and then K4-C was inspected over a period of approximately 17 days from October 5. Approximately 7,800 m2 of contaminated water stored in the tank is scheduled to be discharged.

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To this end, Tokyo Electric Power Company and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced the results of sample analysis of contaminated water collected on June 26 from the K4-C tank, which was subject to secondary discharge, on the 21st and 22nd, respectively. The Office of National Security reported that the analysis by both organizations satisfied the emission standards for 68 nuclides, including tritium.

In addition, Tokyo Electric Power Company announced through a briefing that day that it had satisfied all discharge standards for the first discharge of contaminated water from August 24th to the 11th of this month and confirmed that there were no problems with the discharge facility.

Regarding the secondary discharge, the National Security Office said, “Our government will continuously monitor the secondary discharge of contaminated water and take the best measures to prevent it from affecting the safety and health of the people.”

He continued, “As with the first discharge, we will thoroughly monitor the real-time data provided by Tokyo Electric Power Company and the information released after sample collection and analysis.”

In particular, he said, “We plan to receive information on IAEA verification activities through the dispatch of our experts to the IAEA Fukushima field office, video conferences, and sharing written information, and we plan to confirm and inspect safety, including whether TEPCO is discharging water as planned.”

Fukushima contaminated water released into the ocean

Source: Donga

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