Unification Minister targets China, saying, “If we allow North Korea to loosen its grip, security cooperation between Korea, the United States and Japan will be strengthened.”

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Minister of Unification Kim Young-ho. 2023.9.27/News 1

Unification Minister Kim Young-ho said that pressure should be placed on China to give up North Korea’s nuclear weapons, and that if China continues to allow North Korea’s actions, security cooperation between Korea, the United States and Japan will be further strengthened.

The Ministry of Unification said on the 29th that Minister Kim said this in an interview with the British Financial Times (FT) on the 26th, saying that the international community’s sanctions against North Korea are not working because China and Russia continue to open the ‘back door’ to North Korea.

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Minister Kim said to China, “We must put pressure on North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons,” adding, “The South Korean government is making efforts to persuade the Chinese government to play a constructive role in suppressing North Korea and expects to achieve some success.” “He said.

He then warned, “If the Chinese government continues to allow North Korea to behave like an unbridled colt, security cooperation between Korea, the United States, and Japan will be further strengthened.” He emphasized, “Security cooperation between the three countries is stronger than ever,” and “North Korea cannot go to Tokyo or Washington without passing through Seoul.”

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Regarding Russia, which is strengthening military cooperation with North Korea, he said, “If Russia’s military support for North Korea threatens our security, we will consider stronger measures.”

This appears to mean expanding support for Ukraine, which is at war with Russia. So far, Korea has not sold weapons directly to Ukraine but has provided indirect support by replenishing the stockpiles of countries that directly support Ukraine, such as the United States and Poland.

Minister Kim also said that it would be difficult for the UN to strengthen sanctions against North Korea without the cooperation of Russia and China, permanent members of the UN Security Council, and that he plans to pursue independent sanctions against North Korea instead.

The Financial Times also covered expert opinions that there are few ways for South Korea to force North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons or to pressure China and Russia to implement sanctions.

Yang Moo-jin, president of the University of North Korean Studies, pointed out, “North Korea’s economy is so dependent on China and Russia that the sanctions system is no longer effective without the participation of China and Russia.”

“Instead of just sticking to sanctions, we need to change policies and strategies to persuade Pyongyang.” “Otherwise, North Korea will continue to accelerate its nuclear development and increase tensions on the Korean Peninsula.”

Yoon Seok-yeol government

Source: Donga

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