The United Automobile Workers Union expands strikes at Ford and GM… 7000 people added

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Except for Stellantis… agreement on some issues
The number of strikers increases to about 25,000.

The United Auto Workers (UAW), which has been on strike against the three major U.S. auto companies since mid-month, announced that it would further expand the strike at Ford and General Motors (GM) plants.

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According to the Associated Press on the 29th (local time), UAW Chairman Sean Payne said in a video that day, “Despite our desire to negotiate, Ford and GM have refused to make meaningful progress at the negotiating table.”

The factories where the UAW is expanding its strike include the Ford plant in Chicago, which produces the Lincoln Aviator SUV and Explorer, and the GM plant near Lansing, Michigan, which produces large crossover SUVs such as the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave.

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The number of people added to the third strike expansion is 7,000, bringing the total number of UAW strikers to about 25,000. The Associated Press explained that this corresponds to about 17% of the UAW’s total 146,000 members.

GM criticized the UAW, saying, “They are expanding the strike just to make headlines rather than making real progress.”

Stellantis was excluded from this third strike expansion.

Chairman Payne said, “We are excited about Stellantis’ momentum and hope it continues.” He added that Stellantis agreed to increase the cost of living and guarantee the right to strike in connection with factory closures. Stellantis said that although progress has been made, there are still differences of opinion between the two sides.

The UAW is said to be continuing negotiations with the three companies while expanding the strike.

Previously, the UAW went on strike at GM, Ford, and Stellantis plants starting on the 15th. Afterwards, on the 22nd, the strike expanded to cover GM and Stellantis, excluding Ford.

Source: Donga

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