US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman warns Trump: “Do not be loyal to dictators”

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Trump’s name was not mentioned in his resignation speech.
Emphasis on “Soldiers take an oath to uphold the Constitution and not be dictators”

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley warned former US President Donald Trump in his retirement speech on the 29th (local time) by emphasizing that soldiers must defend the Constitution and not give in to political pressure.

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Milley did not directly name Trump, but said, “We do not swear to any nation, tribe, religion, king or queen, tyrant, dictator or candidate for dictator,” adding, “We do not swear to individuals, but to protect the Constitution and the ideals of the United States.” “I swear that I will willingly sacrifice myself for you,” he emphasized.

Trump and other hardliners have criticized Speaker Milley for being progressive while challenging public behavior norms for politicians and elected officials.

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In a post on the social media platform Truth Social last week, Trump accused Chairman Milley of undermining his authority as commander-in-chief by “informing” the Chinese military of his thoughts in the final days of his term. Trump argued that Chairman Milley should be executed for treason.

Chairman Milley revealed that he spoke with the Chinese Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to warn China while Trump was being sanctioned by high-ranking officials at the Department of Defense, including Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and other officials due to the riots against the 2020 presidential election.

Milley’s critics have denounced him as a representative of the progressive military, criticizing him for undermining military norms by focusing on racial issues, climate change issues, and sexual minority rights, and for being incompetent in the process of withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Trump personally appointed Chairman Milley, but turned his back on her when she showed different positions from him on major issues.

When protests broke out in Washington DC following the killing of black man George Floyd by police, Speaker Milley took a photo with Trump after police and National Guard dispersed the protesters, but later apologized for this.

Source: Donga

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