Ukrainian drones attack western Russian substations daily

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A third of the military companies are located in the western part of Russia, so the attack is concentrated.
Damage to substations, missile parts, and fuel plants

The Washington Post reported that Ukraine attacked a substation in Russia’s Kursk region with a drone on the 29th (local time), causing a temporary power outage for about 5,000 residents. Ukraine has been attacking the region almost daily since last week.

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Kursk Governor Roman Starovoit said a Ukrainian drone dropped explosives on a substation in the village of Belaya, causing a power outage in the area and forcing the hospital to run its own generator for a time. Power outage was restored this evening.

“There was a large-scale attack by Ukrainian drones on our region and our air defenses shot down 10 drones,” Governor Starovoit said in a Telegram message. “We are grateful to our military and residents who reported the drone attack,” he wrote.

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On the 28th, a Ukrainian drone also destroyed an air defense radar in the area, a Ukrainian military special forces source said. The destroyed air defense radar was a model called Castar, equipped with a mobile radar and means of striking low-altitude aircraft. Kasta was attacked in the village of Giri, 100 km from the center of Kurst and 20 km from the Ukrainian border.

Ukraine has struck the Kursk region with drones more frequently this week than in the entire month.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian media reported that Russian soldiers investigating the Ukrainian suicide drone that attacked Kursk were killed when a time bomb set to explode late exploded. Famous Russian bloggers also mentioned this incident.

The attack on the substation in the Kursk region was the third on the 29th. On the 226th, a drone dropped explosives on a substation in Snagost, causing a power outage in seven villages, and a landmine fired by a mortar blew up a substation in Popovo-Jejachi village.

Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kirillo Budanow said about a third of Russian military companies are located in the west of the country and are within range of Ukrainian drones. He announced that he attacked the Kremni-El plant in Bryansk, the largest production plant for electronic components for the Iskander missile, and also attacked the Redkino Experimental Plant in the Tver region, which produces rocket fuel.

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Source: Donga

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