Possibility of extending the temporary ceasefire for an additional 24 hours… CIA involvement, etc.

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Delegates from Israel, the United States, Qatar, and Egypt are discussing in Doha, Qatar.

There have been reports that the temporary ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian armed faction Hamas for the release of hostages may be extended for an additional 24 hours.

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CNN reported this on the 29th (local time), citing sources familiar with the ceasefire discussions. According to reports, currently in Doha, Qatar, delegations from Israel, the United States, Qatar, and Egypt are continuing discussions on extending the ceasefire.

These delegations reportedly agreed to extend the current temporary ceasefire and make efforts to release more hostages from the Gaza Strip, Hamas’ stronghold. The temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is currently in its sixth day.

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Previously, on the fifth day of the ceasefire, Hamas released 12 additional hostages, including 10 Israeli hostages and 2 foreign nationals. Israel also responded and announced that it had released 30 Palestinian prisoners.

As a result, the total number of hostages released through the temporary ceasefire increased to 81. However, it is known that there are well over 100 hostages still awaiting release. A total of 180 Palestinian prisoners were released through the temporary ceasefire.

According to reports, if the current ceasefire agreement is maintained without any problems and Hamas releases at least 10 hostages on the 29th, the final day of the ceasefire extension, there is a possibility that a temporary ceasefire of an additional 24 hours can be achieved.

In this case, Hamas can compile a separate list of hostages it has released for an additional 24 hours. CNN, citing negotiators, said the number of hostages, including women and children, who are prime targets for release, is sufficient to extend the duration of the ceasefire.

It is said that Bill Burns, Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and his counterparts from each country are currently involved in the negotiations. CNN is reporting that if negotiations intensify, the release target could expand to include male and military hostages.

Meanwhile, Hamas released a statement today, saying that it is struggling to extend the ceasefire to finally stop the attacks, and leaving open the possibility of a ‘comprehensive agreement’ that aims to exchange military hostages and all Palestinian prisoners.

However, from the beginning of this ceasefire, Israel has maintained its position that it will resume attacks when the agreed period ends. Israel also limited the temporary ceasefire period to 10 days and limited the number of Palestinian prisoners to be exchanged for hostages to 300.

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