In response to North Korea’s claim that the White House was photographed, the U.S. says, “There are a lot of photos on the Internet.”

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In response to North Korea’s claim that the military reconnaissance satellite ‘Great Mirror 1’ took pictures of major facilities such as the White House and the Pentagon, the United States said, “There are many pictures of the White House and the Pentagon on the Internet.” When North Korea threatened that it would be able to look into the heart of the United States, it was dismissed.

Previously, North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency reported on the 28th that North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un had received a detailed report on the footage of the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia, the Newport News Shipyard, and the airfield area, as well as the White House and the Pentagon. At a briefing on the 28th (local time), U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Pat Ryder said, “We have no further comment” on this claim. North Korea did not disclose the actual satellite photos taken by Great Mirror 1.

On the 22nd, the new satellite carrier rocket 'Chollima Type 1' carrying North Korea's reconnaissance satellite 'Wanrikyeong 1' is launched.  Rodong Sinmun = News 1On the 22nd, the new satellite carrier rocket ‘Chollima Type 1’ carrying North Korea’s reconnaissance satellite ‘Wanrikyeong 1’ is launched. Rodong Sinmun = News 1

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Regarding whether North Korea’s reconnaissance satellite was successfully launched, spokesman Ryder said, “We are aware that the North Korean space launch vehicle has entered orbit,” but added, “For something to enter orbit, it must be able to escape the Earth’s gravity and maintain an orbit around the Earth. “He said. He continued, “It is up to North Korea to decide what the characteristics of this launch are and what it is trying to achieve.” They also maintained a reserved attitude toward assessing the success of the reconnaissance satellite launch claimed by North Korea.

Regarding North Korea’s declaration of abandonment of the September 19 military agreement and restoration of frontline guard posts (GPs) in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the U.S. State Department said, “North Korea’s failure to comply with the military agreement poses an unbearable challenge to South Korea’s security. “There is,” he pointed out. He continued, “North Korea’s actions in the DMZ following the abandonment of the military agreement are increasing military tension and the risk of misjudgment on the Korean Peninsula,” and added, “The United States is in close contact with South Korea through various channels to ensure that the ROK-US alliance can respond.”

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Source: Donga

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