From passing exams to winning the lottery… A year changed by ChatGPT

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ChatGPT launched on November 30, 2022… It’s the 1st anniversary
Admitted that “it was used in court rulings”… the beginning of a debate
Shows new possibilities in education, industry, medicine, etc.

American artificial intelligence (AI) development company OpenAI’s conversational AI Chat GPT celebrated its one-year anniversary on the 30th (local time). On the 29th, the day before the first anniversary of ChatGPT’s launch, The Sun in the UK introduced six cases in which ChatGPT surprised the world over the past year.

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When ChatGPT was first introduced on November 30, 2022, only a few people predicted the impact this generative AI would have on the world over the next year. At the time, there were many chatbots that could communicate with people, but ChatGPT was the first chatbot that completely changed the way humans and AI interact.

ChatGPT’s sophistication as a language model gave the illusion of having a conversation with a real person. Thanks to this, ChatGPT secured more than 1 million users around the world in just a few weeks after launching the service.

◆Society changed by artificial intelligence

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Last February, not long after its launch, it became a hot topic when a judge in Colombia admitted to using ChatGPT when making a ruling. It was the first time that ChatGPT, as well as a general chatbot, was used to make a decision in a case.

The case at the time was about health insurance for autistic children. The judge asked ChatGPT whether health insurance should cover the full cost of the patient’s treatment and transportation. Accordingly, AI ruled that insurance should cover the entire amount necessary for the patient.

The judge’s actions later became the starting point of an ongoing debate about whether AI can be used in court matters and in all transactions in the workplace.

ChatGPT has also significantly changed the landscape of the education field. Many students use ChatGPT to write their assignments or reports, raising questions about how to process grades.

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania had ChatGPT take the final exam for a master’s degree in business administration and tested what grade he could get.

As a result of grading the answers written by ChatGPT, the scores ranged from B to B minus. This proved that not only humans but also AI can write logical answers.

There is also a case where ChatGPT won the lottery. All the work of guessing the winning numbers was done by AI.

According to reports, a man taught ChatGPT about past lottery winning numbers along with a few questions to induce it to generate new lottery winning numbers. As a result, the man reportedly won $59 (about 70,000 won), which is far less than the first prize of $1 million (about 1.29 billion won).

However, when asked about these lottery winning numbers, ChatGPT activated an ethical algorithm and advised him to go outside and exercise.

ChatGPT has opened a new horizon in the medical field in less than a year since its birth. A study published last September found that ChatGPT suggested treatment methods that were equivalent to or better than actual medical staff when given the same patient’s medical records.

“We found that ChatGPT performs exceptionally well at diagnosing patients and suggesting treatments with the highest potential for cure,” said Dr. Hide Ten Berg of Jeroenbosch Hospital in the Netherlands. “This means that ChatGPT behaves like a human doctor. “It means we can make a medical diagnosis.”

◆Chat GPT is also used in crime

However, it didn’t take long for ChatGPT’s capabilities to be exploited. Experts claim that there is evidence that ChatGPT played a large role in helping hackers with inexperienced hacking skills create viruses that can steal people’s personal information and damage electronic devices.

ChatGPT can answer almost all questions asked by users. However, OpenAI has installed an ethics algorithm into ChatGPT to prevent answers to questions that users should not know from being revealed.

For example, ChatGPT is trained to avoid answering questions about how to smuggle drugs.

However, Max Daley, a journalist at Vice Media in the UK, claimed that about 12 hours were enough to make ChatGPT print out information about criminal organizations or companies.

It is no exaggeration to say that ChatGPT has evolved surprisingly quickly over the past year. Despite the recent chaos such as the dismissal and return of OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, the potential and development of AI in the coming year is expected to be dazzling.

Source: Donga

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