Jensen Huang: “Artificial intelligence comparable to humans will emerge within 5 years”

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Revealed at NYT’s ‘Deal Book Summit 2023’ forum
The next step in AI finding solutions in unfamiliar situations
“But it still can’t be the same as human intelligence.”
“It will take 10 to 20 more years for the US and China to become independent”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicted at a forum hosted by the New York Times (NYT) on the 29th of last month (local time), “Artificial general intelligence (AGI) that competes with humans will emerge within the next five years.” Photo source: NVIDIA X (old Twitter)

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicted at a forum held in New York, USA on the 29th of last month (local time), “Within five years, artificial general intelligence (AGI) comparable to basic human intelligence will appear.”

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CEO Hwang, who was a speaker at the ‘Deal Book Summit 2023’ forum hosted by the New York Times (NYT) on this day, answered “Yes” to the question, “Do you think AGI can be created within the next 10 years?” While the current narrow artificial intelligence (ANI) performs limited tasks under conditions set by humans, AGI is a technology that has cognitive abilities like humans and finds solutions even when faced with unfamiliar situations, and is considered the next step in AI.

He predicted that AGI that competes with humans will emerge within 5 years, saying, “If we define AGI as software that has passed a basic intelligence test that confirms that it is ‘competitive’ with humans, we will see it within 5 years.” .

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However, he dismissed it, saying, “Despite the rapid pace of development, AI cannot be the same as human intelligence.” He also added that although AI has cognitive and recognition capabilities, it has not yet achieved complex intelligence activities such as ‘step-by-step reasoning ability’.

Regarding the U.S. government’s policy of derisking to reduce dependence on China in the global supply chain of major technologies such as semiconductors, he said, “Of course, we have to go down that path,” but added, “We will continue to move forward until the supply chain is completely independent from China.” “It will take another 10 to 20 years,” he said.

CEO Hwang also reaffirmed his determination to continue doing business with China despite U.S. regulations. In response to a reporter’s question about Nvidia’s relationship with China, he said, “We are a business company. “We are trying to do business with everyone we can,” he said. Previously, when the United States restricted the export of cutting-edge semiconductors to China for national security reasons, NVIDIA continued to trade by making AI semiconductors for export to China with reduced performance. CEO Hwang said, “National security is important,” and expressed concern, “Although our technology is 10 years ahead of Huawei’s, there are currently 50 companies in China developing technology to compete with NVIDIA.”

Source: Donga

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