Israeli Mossad withdraws from Qatar after ceasefire talks

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Major foreign media outlets, including the BBC, reported on the 2nd (local time) that Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, delivered orders to intelligence agency employees staying in Qatar to leave Qatar after cease-fire negotiations ran into difficulties.

It is known that this withdrawal order reflects the intention of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Mossad chief David Barnea “ordered his team in Doha (Qatar) to return to Israel” after receiving instructions from Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mossad said in a statement released by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Hamas terrorist organization has not implemented its part of the agreement, which includes the release of all children and women provided to Hamas and subject to its approval,” Mossad added.

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Qatar has been mediating negotiations between Hamas and Israel since the outbreak of war and has recently played a key role in reaching and extending a week-long temporary ceasefire and hostage release.

Earlier, Reuters, citing sources, reported that a team from Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency was staying in Doha on the 2nd for talks with Qatari mediators to stop another fighting in Gaza.

The talks, mediated by Qatar, focused on the possible release of new categories of Israeli hostages other than women and children and the parameters of a cease-fire, which differs from the cease-fire agreement that collapsed on the 1st, the source said.

Israel and Hamas have been considering new parameters for the release of hostages and a ceasefire even before the ceasefire agreement was broken.

The ceasefire, which began on the 24th of last month, includes the release of Israeli women and children taken hostage by Hamas during the October 7 surprise attack in exchange for the release of Palestinians, including women, held in Israeli prisons.

Israel and Hamas blamed each other for the collapse of the ceasefire. The ceasefire lasted only a week, and mediators including the United States and Qatar were unable to find a solution for a third extension of the ceasefire.

Israel has accused Hamas of refusing to release all the women it is holding. A Palestinian official said that the collapse of the ceasefire was caused by female Israeli soldiers.

Previously, female soldier Noah Marciano (19), who was working at Nahal Oz Kibbutz (collective farm) in southern Israel, died after being attacked by Hamas and taken to the Gaza Strip. Marciano is said to have served in the combat intelligence collection unit under the 414th Field Intelligence Battalion.

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