U.S. Secretary of Defense also urges Israel to “no civilian deaths in Gaza”

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Following the US Secretary of State and the US Vice President

There are repeated requests and urgings from the United States to prevent innocent Gazan civilians from being killed during attacks to overthrow Hamas. The United States is a key ally that most actively recognizes and supports Israel’s right to self-defense and ground attacks against Hamas in this Gaza war.

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Israel had a “moral responsibility” to protect civilians.

According to the BBC on the 3rd, Secretary Austin pointed out in California the previous day, “If you (Israel) drive civilians into the arms of the enemy, this will only be a (short-term) tactical victory and a clear strategic defeat.”

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At the meeting, the U.S. Secretary of Defense said that he had put pressure on Israeli officials to dramatically expand the entry of international aid trucks into Gaza, and emphasized that the U.S. would stand with Israel, its “closest friend in the world.”

U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who visited Israel again on the 30th of last month, just before the end of the first temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, strongly reminded Israel of its obligation to protect civilians.

Secretary Blinken called for an extension of the ceasefire, but at the same time, if it is not extended and Israel intensifies its attacks on southern Gaza as declared, “we will use more precision than ever to prevent a recurrence of large-scale civilian displacement” and reduce civilian casualties. and urged a “targeted” attack.

Of the 2.3 million residents of Gaza, more than 1.7 million have abandoned their homes and fled to live elsewhere in Gaza.

A few hours before Secretary of Defense Austin, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris said at a press conference while attending the COP28 General Assembly in Dubai, UAE, “Too many innocent Palestinians have lost their lives. “To be honest, the scale of suffering that civilians in Gaza have to endure is appalling, even if you just look at the photos and videos,” he said.

During the 58 days of war as of the 2nd, more than 15,200 people have died in the war in Gaza, including Hamas fighters, and more than 5,000 people are missing, not included in the Gaza Health Ministry’s tally based on hospital attendance. all.

Meanwhile, Israel recorded 400 military deaths, including 78 soldiers killed in ground combat, and 800 civilians were killed, with 99% of the civilian deaths occurring on October 7, the first day of the Hamas invasion.

Israel-Palestine War

Source: Donga

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